Artisan Gin may be all of the rage right now.  Indeed a new Gin distillery is about to open in our local town of Gubbio, but beers have been brewed here for centuries.  Lovers of real beers need to head this weekend to the charming village of Casacastalda where they are holding their first Artisan Beer Festival.

Casacastalda is know to many of our regular guests who join our Bellaugello party for our annual trip to the “Sagra of Polenta and Salsice” held in the village the first weekend in August.  Just hidden over the hills across the valley from Bellaugello Gay Gust House this small village manages to attract over two thousand people to the sagra and us Bellaugello Guys are part of the numbers.  Sitting in the open air we feast on polenta, sausages and pancakes. Imbibe seemingly never-ending quantities of wine whilst listening to a live band, and of course we all get up and dance…  All for the ridiculously small entry fee of a few euro.

How they manage to organise and get huge crowds to such an amazing event, I just don’t know, but they do.  The “Pro Loco” is a very dynamic organisation and this Artisan Beer festival is a new exciting addition to their calendar.

Come join the fun on 14th and 15th of July.  Artisan Beers, Micro Breweries, Hobby brewers, Street Food, Live Music… and you can watch the actual production of live beer.  The list goes on and on, all in the setting of a quaint Umbrian village just over the hill from Bellaugello Gay Guest House.

For further information on this artisan beer festival click on this link to the official website: