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Capodanno – New Year – Hogmanay – OUR HOUSEPARTY – Festeggia con Noi! – Celebrate with us!

New Year House Party at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, Umbria, Italy, #bellaugello #gayhotel

Capodanno in Umbria, Bellaugello Gay Guest House, #ragazzigay #instagay

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Cappelletti fatto in casa! Che meraviglia!

Take 2kg flour collect 20 eggs mix well and knead ’till your arms ache, leave to rest… Finely grind 2.5kg mixed meats, veal, turkey, beef, add seasoning, some mortadella, parmesan and the all important secret ingredient. In company with 5 women and 2 guys and one of the next generation sit round a table. Pinch pleat, fill, fold all the while a lot of gossip, laughs smiles and stories and Ecco! We have hundreds of handmade cappelletti for Christmas.

checking the pasta for tortellini #bellaugelloIMG_5752 Rolling the pasta by hand, tortellini for Christmas are on their way  #bellaugelloIMG_5754 trying to attach the motor to the pasta mill, easier by hand me thinks! #bellaugelloThe result of several hours of work and chattering, Ecco tortellini fatto in casa #bellaugello

I only went on the premise of.. ‘daiii, ti prego, vieni a casa del babbo per un pranzo veloce’ a ‘ come for a quick lunch’ little was I to know that I had been set up and all was organised.  Lunch cooked by Vittorio was just the start of a memorable afternoon that put paid to all my other plans.

It was such a splendid afternoon at the family home of  Monica’s father.  Straight after lunch I found myself surrounded by aunts, cousins, and great aunts, Monica, her sister and of course Monica’s daughter.  I was taught the art of making cappelletti, and of course each of the girls were quick to put their point of view and grade my work.   The pressure was certainly on.  It was great fun, I learnt so much about not only cappelletti, their tradition, but also the old contadini ways, the life of hardship and thrift, that it occurs to me a book should be written.  Oh! sadly the video did not work, I was hoping to post here and on You Tube but alas thanks to a small capacity iPhone sadly no video…  Let’s hope Santa is bringing me an iPhone 6  64mb for Christmas haha!



One of those horrible days

I don’t know why they happen, but they sure do happen.  I hate horrible days, I really detest them and today was a stonker of a horrible day.

Don’t get me wrong, it is not the weather, here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, the sun has been shining brightly, warm, delicious, a light breeze so I got into the garden early.

Neither to blame is the Consorzio the local farmers’ merchants.  They called and we arranged my delivery of pellets for the biomass boiler that heats the house here, lovely underfloor heating I adore it, being able to walk barefoot throughout the house, sheer luxury.  No it was not them, the wagon with the bancale of pellets arrived as scheduled and I got the seventy eight sacks all moved and stored in the pellet store.  I am having to buy pellets this winter as the olive harvest was so poor that olive nuts are just not available.  Oh and that reminds me there is another subject I want to write about.

No it was not my good friend Cosma with whom I am working on a new and exciting project.  No, he sent me over a very well constructed piece of work, I now have to work on and send back for the next stage.  That will be an enjoyable task.

It certainly was not Alessandro, to whom I put a proposal for collaboration work-wise.  No he responded positively, he would like to explore a joint project for next season.  Guests at Bellaugello if this comes off you are in for a real treat.

It certainly was not the couple of guys who sent an email enquiring as to a booking for next summer, enclosing their photos too, so yummily handsome.. and then after the briefest of exchanges they confirmed their booking.

So, what, you may well ask is the source of my wrath?  Ok, I am a predictable person, for my loyal readers they I guess already know the answer.  Yes, you are right, communications or lack of it, but first two matters of international relations.  I have to get these off my chest, I so detest horrid days.

If I see another business slanted at the gay community I do believe in positive promotion, and a bit of fun. Especially if the product or service is something that will make a stay at Bellaugello Gay b&b just a ‘little bit extra or more special’ for my guests.  So through the annals of social networking when I noticed that a company in Finland were launching a range of linens using the designs of Tom of Finland, I just had to buy some to put in some of the Suites here at Bellaugello Gay Country House, provocative, maybe not to every guys’ taste but fun.  Order online – simple, and there was the added incentive of that Black Friday discounts, so you have all done it you know what I am talking about..  enter credit card details, click the order button, and hey presto goods will be dispatched.  But and a huge but, there was no way on the website to request a tax invoice.  Now here in Italy the tax authorities require certain information on foreign (or domestic) bills.  It is only a few letters and numbers but to be able to put the purchase through the business, these are vital.  So I shoot off a mail to the company requesting a tax invoice.  Nothing! Silence!  Eventually after a week their reply comes through that they cannot fulfil my request”there is no room on the form”  WHAT!!  I send off another email, repeating the request, explaining in greater detail why I require the information on the invoice, and if they are really unable to add a bit of ink to a page then to cancel the order, stop the delivery and refund my card.  again silence, nothing, I am not a happy bunny.  Then of course on Friday a honk, a smiley face, the decent friendly helpful courier (SDA) delivering a package, the package.  Still unopened, I check EU law and I send a further request to the company, they are in Finland after all is that not supposed to be  an efficient country?  Well as I write no reply from them to either of my mails, it seems that tomorrow on the social media I will have to give them a one star review…  Don’t like to do so, I thought their stuff brilliant but I will not be treated so shabbily.  I guess if nothing else their products will make good if expensive cleaning cloths.

The second international item relates to three companies based in the UK that are refusing to work with Bellaugello.  Interestingly they are all international names, two of them overly famous, yet they seem to think that the UK anti-discrimination laws do not apply to them.  Two of the companies having at first been very helpful on learning that my business is gay just ignore me, they do not reply to mails or telephone calls, they blank me.  Stonewall and the EASS  inform me that I can assure them that the law does apply also to them and I intend to ensure that their behaviour is changed.  I have written to a couple of gay-friendly law practices and am waiting their reply.  In the meantime if any of you readers are or know of a good professional campaigning well connected journalist that might like my scoop and the chance to right some wrongs please do get in touch.  Just to add to the international theme I also have a case of an American company with offices on Milano to add to the pile.

Then the internet connection is crap.  For the past five saturdays I have not been able to listen to the News Quiz that BBC radio 4 favourite of mine, not good enough. Regular readers know it is my usual bugbear and probably the subject of more rants than I care to think about.  Recent survey on tourism states that holiday makers put a fast wifi connection above free room upgrades and free cocktails.  I know that I have known that for a very long time and do my utmost to provide the same.  However I am thwarted by the internet ‘provider’ who is the best of a really bad bunch.  I write emails, I telephone the help desk, I telephone the technical department, I complain.  For over one month the internet just keeps coming and going.  Today the internet is still hoplessly slow and unreliable, the technician called me to say it is all sorted.  Really?

The record five hours to send one page of an email – and by coincidence the email was to the internet people complaining about the lack of a viable service. They reply that i am “too needy”  I am “the only client with these problems” – clearly they have not spoken to my neighbours who too are discontented with the lack of a decent reliable service, I know of nobody locally with good words for this company.   I am too needy!! indeed, huh! how dare they! All I ask is the service I am paying for,namely a constant 7mbs of download speed, hardly a lot.   In my stupidity and as part of my cost rationalisation I had thought to move the fixed line phone to VOIP.  My theory being if I paid the company more they would give me a better service.  I am so so stoopid, it does not.  Instead every phone call is like talking through Bronco.  So on 31st October I send the completed forms to the company requesting the switch of telephone number (portability has come to Italy)  They had told me Telecom Italia would take ten days.  In amounts my above mentioned correspondence I did actually ask on 30th. November why the telecom line was still functioning and why Telecom had sent me another bill, I am now paying two telephone accounts for the same line.  Their reply was that the line would be switched on 16th. December eh? how is that ten days?  oh ten working days they say – i.e. fifteen days.  By my maths that should be the 16th. November at the latest, but no.  I ask them what in the meantime they have been doing with my forms, of course they refuse to give me a reply or a refund.  Tomorrow is switch day, it may be goodbye world.

Continuing the telecoms theme, I changed the contract on my mobile.  I am with Tim, the mobile branch of TelecomItalia.  This is the communications company that fault provide a decent coverage in the countryside, and ever so slow 3G (yes we are till on 3G) coverage and then have the gall to send me on a regular basis a text informing me that I have been chosen for a customer survey into the efficiency of their internet service.  HaHa! So anyway I go into the store in Gubbio and speak to the spotty young man with halitosis, ask his advice re current offers and decide to part with 42 euro.  Pert is the first month’s payment, part a fee for changing the contract and part a requirement for credit on my phone.  Credit on my phone?  I am already paying by monthly direct debit and have just given them 39 euro and they want more.  Anyway I am in a good and generous mood and agree.  Changing to the new tariff the internet slows noticeably and the telephone connection is worse than ever.  Delight upon delight when yesterday I receive two more sms informing me that Tim have just taken  money out of my bank account.  Back today to the youth with halitosis who sows me the computer screen that I have two contracts running concurrently, I am paying twice.  To cut a long story short he is totally unhelpful, completely unapologetic and my trip was a waste of time.  In a fit of peak I cancel my telephone contract from when the current period ends in January.  I will doubtless become wholly uncontactable.

Another major source of irritation rediscovered today.  I know they say that “imitation is the sincerest form of flattery” but why oh why do people have to take so many of my ideas and wrap them up into their own businesses?  I realise at the moment business is cut-throat, but please guys do have some ideas of your own it would be so refreshing.

Oh, and why oh why do the energy companies here in Italy insist on making cold calls to my telephone?  They want me to switch supplier, they offer all sorts of ‘amazing deals’, they call me daily, but yet I know that the deals are not amazing and if they spent less time and resources on the calls, (I do so pity the people who actually have to make the calls) then the monies they save could really go to savings on their bills.  On the mobile the messages keep flooding in “promotion Russian Brides Activated” “Your ideal girl finder now active” please, I ask you, do they never do customer research?  Ha! with my voip phone about to go live and the unstable internet connection and my cancelling my mobile contract none of them will be able to get through to me.

Now I am off to walk the dogs, it is dark, they have their flashing collars and it is still warm, a walk will be good, so we are off to see who is lurking in the bushes…


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Gubbio is THE PLACE to be for Christmas

Announced with such delight by the Sindaco of Gubbio at break in a tedious tourism meeting this afternoon one huge bit of great news from the Huffington post today; ” Gubbio is THE place to be for Christmas”  and don’t I know it!  Here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House it is such fun! Gubbio is Great!


Gubbio THE place to celebrate Christmas and Bellaugello Gay Guest House THE place to be seen celebrating!


At home


Oggi a Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria   Che Bella Giornata!Infinity pool at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, Umbria, Italy sunshine on the pool at belaugello gay guest house, umbria #bellaugello December in Umbria, Bellaugello luxury gay resort, #bellaugello frost on the lavender at Bellaugello Gay agriturismo Wisteria

Events in Umbria

Gaga comes to Umbria

A coup by UmbriaJazz for their 2015 season.  Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett are in concert in Perugia July 15th

Concert pre-booking opens 12th December, we still have some suites available at Bellaugello Gay Guest House Book Now with us! let’s go and enjoy Gaga.Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett will be at  Umbria Jazz 2015 #lady-gaga


Does size really matter?

I have to ask myself what is real in life, sometimes articles in the press make me want to pinch myself, and wonder if they can actually be true or are all a huge wind up.  Here is a recent example:

On 6th. December the New York Daily News reported a white Italian truffle dug up in Umbria weighing 4.16 US pounds or 1.89kg selling at auction at Sotheby’s  New York for $61,250.00.

Sotheby's White Truffle on sale in New York #sothebyswhitetruffle

Ok it is very sexy, very very sexy.. BUT

Dear readers my last post pre-empted the sale.

Ok we did not know there was competition afoot, and so on my first truffle hunting expedition we only had 360 grammes (13 US ounces) of white truffles, on the plate in front of me, and that was four individual truffles, at least one of which was the size of a small fist, but had we know the show was on we could have provided more.

Ok their photograph is professional, mine was with an iPhone

Tuber Magnatum Pico #whitetruffles

The stonking thing is the price difference…  As Victor Meldrew famously retorted “I don’t b….y believe it!”  It seems to me that many people have more money than sense.   As reported in my previous blog post the 360g of truffles on my plate was valued at about 700 euro.

Now maths may not be my strongest point but 360g  x 5.25 = 1.89kg which is 4.16 US pounds

Thus: 700€ x 5.25 =3,675€ converted to US dollars = approx $4,515.00  which is what? weight for weight about 8% of the Sotheby’s price and that does not include their buyers’ premium……dum dum dum!!!

To enjoy white truffle ‘Tuber Magnum Pico’ at a sensible price you only need contact me at Bellaugello Gay Guest House.

Fly flat from the US and come and stay at Bellaugello, rent the entire house to yourselves for a week, and you can feast on fresh white truffle every day and still have change in your pocket. and you have a great convivial host, excellent cook and the opportunity to see for yourself exactly where these truffles are found.

In this case SIZE DOES NOT  MATTER!!!  After all, white truffle is not like the apple in the Sotheby’s picture you are hardly going tibiae into it, the tuber is just going to be sliced wafer thin and sprinkled over a decent homemade pasta.

BTW my tartufaio told me that the earth must not be cleaned off white truffles until immediately prior to consumption, because they begin to go mouldy, and he was careful not to touch it with a naked hand for the same reason….  Anybody tell Sotheby’s that?

Out and about - Things to do

The rant has to wait

The internet connection is still sooo slow…  Yesterday afternoon it took 3 hours to send one page email, and that was to the internet ‘service provider’ ha! a joke.  However following the one comment received no my last post (which reminded me of the late Michael Winner) I decided to talk instead about something pleasurable; the truffle hunt I went on last Sunday.

Now truffles I adore, and the chance of going out with a professional truffle hunter was an opportunity too good to miss.  So Sunday  a friend and I headed off into the foothills of the Apennines near the village of Scheggia where they were holding a small truffle fair. Surprising what goes on in theses far off quaint places!  So we met up with our group and the guides and headed off into the Monte Cucco Regional Park to hunt for truffleshunting for truffles in Umbria #umbriatrufflestruffle hunting in Umbria #truffles #tartufiamo

Now here in Umbria it is not as people believe hunting with pigs (those we leave for other purposes ;) ) but with dogs.  Alberto our hunter was working with a his dog, Aldo who he says can sniff the scent of a truffle for almost one kilometre and follows on until he finds it!  But, he has one problem, he is nervous in crowds and some of the fellow excursionists had brought their own dogs along for the jaunt, so our truffle dog spent much time doing what dogs do best.  It was a cold early morning but the sun broke through and became pleasantly warm.  We were walking through territory much like the estate at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, a mixture of deciduous woodland, small streams and ravines, and rough pastureland hedgerows and evidence of woodcutters.truffle hunting in Umbria, a day out from Bellaugello gay guest houseneatly stacked wood in the Monte Cucco Regional Park, Umbria, Italy #montecuccoNow I knew that truffles are found at the base of oak trees, but what I did not know that they are also found under poplar trees, gorse bushes and blackberry and sloe bushes, indeed it seems in a multitude of places.  We were on the hunt for the fabled white truffle, and it was not long until Aldo was scratching at a bit of moist soildiscovering truffles in Umbria, a day excursion from Bellaugello gay guest house Lo! and behold a truffle, tiny but a truffle, the smell heady, strong, intense, delightful

the precious truffle, hunting for truffles in Umbria, a day out from Bellaugello Gay resort

We walked all morning concerning hedgerows woodland and banks of fast running streams, our haul seven truffles, not exactly huge but yes, we had found some.  I now fully realise that this is something man cannot do alone the services of a well trained and dedicated dog are essential, and for a dog to get to the stage of being a great truffle hunter lots of time and patience is required.  Yes lots!  I also learnt that there are not just the four types I had thought of but many many more, and as is so typical of Italy one region’s truffle connoisseur decries another region’s truffles “those from Viterbo taste dirty and acidic, those from Molise are soft, mushy and inedible”!  So proud are the local squad.

So off to Costacciaro for lunch organised for our group, one of whom was Mirko our high mountain trekking guide, who regaled us with more mountain stories and showed us many wild plants that are traditionally used for making marmalades, liqueurs and medicinal purposes.  A great country morning.  Lunch in a small agriturismo was local food and of course lots of truffles..

typical umbrian antipastofarro al tartufo in Umbria An antipasto of locally cured meats with truffle bruschetta and frittata al tartufo was followed by farro al tartufo and then bread of turkey al tartufo.  The deserts did not feature truffles but were also delicious.  Alberto wanting to make up for the small truffles we had found during our morning walk, scampered off home and brought back his prize jar.  Huge white truffles  “Tuber Magnatum Pico”  360 grammes of which were set on the plate in front of me.. Wow!Tuber Magnatum Pico #whitetrufflesSlightly larger than the truffles of the size we found some of which were also black truffles which encircle the next photo!#tubermagnatumpico  I am sure the professional truffle hunters do not want to divulge all their secrets, after all I wouldn’t.  But it was an immensely enjoyable expedition.  I now have a new source of truffles for Bellaugello Gay Guest House, they will feature more frequently on the dinner menus next season, yummy!

Anyone interested in truffle hunting we will be organising half day excursions next year, and after Alberto has come over to explore the grounds at Bellaugello – he threatens to gift me a truffle dog, who knows we may be digging up our very own truffles in our own backyard.  To be included on the mailing list for trekking and truffle hunting excursions drop me a mail:

I WILL rant, I need to… wait on, like I have to with the internet connection…





Finland says “YES” to same sex marriage!!

An excellent reason to break open the Finlandia…
Celebrate with us!!
Looking forward to welcoming the first couple of newlywed husbands from Finland for their honeymoon at Bellaugello.

Are you to be that couple of guys? Celebrate here at Bellaugello stay seven nights or more and let us give you 20% discount on our accommodation rates. Book by email to:

For the discount: Use the promotional code “kip-piss” at the time of booking and be sure to bring along your marriage certificate to verify your claim. It needs to be a same sex Finnish wedding, and you must send us a photo of yourselves at your wedding which we may use on Alec’s blog. Book by 31/12/2014. Holiday dates valid throughout our 2015 season excluding new year.




For Brokerart the company who offer NO service I am so angry.  No time now to explain, but my blood is boiling on two accounts, there is a HUGE rant on the way…

Here is a taste of the other of my issues:

slow internet transfer

15 hours remaining… I could walk the files to Barcelona and have lunch and a hot steamy fun time and be back in Umbria at Bellaugello Gay Guest House before the files transferred !



Out and about - Things to do

And the first snow of the autumn

Snapped from the top of the road in Valdichiascio looking south over the estate of Bellaugello Gay Guest House, Umbria, central Italy.

In the distance the peaks of the Monte Sibylline National Park already covered in a fresh layer of snow

First snow of the winter 2014 from Valdichiascio looking towards the Monte Sibillini from near Bellaugello Gay Guest House

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