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Such love

Oh! I have been naughty!

I have been slow in putting some wonderful photos on my blog.  Recently I have been really busy with this mysterious big announcement that I wrote about in my Christmas cards.  This, rather delightfully has been taking up a great deal of my time and energy, so I have regretfully sidelined other things. AND of course it is behind schedule… this is Italy after all!

Time to begin to make amends;  I continue my theme of couples by posting a photograph of two fabulous guys who not only got engaged here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, but chose to return with their family to celebrate their commitment ceremony with an ‘exchange of rings’ and family dinner.

These are the most splendid guys you could hope to meet, not only really handsome, but also really great guys.  For me and my team here at Bellaugello near Gubbio in Umbria it was an amazing experience and one that Bellaugello is well suited to.

True love at Bellaugello

The guys rented the entire house, brought their family and close friends and had a real romantic time.  They had planned everything down to the last detail, and even had a back-up plan should the weather have been unkind.   Indeed there was a rain shower at the most inopportune time and the ceremony was hastily moved to one of the covered terraces.  We catered, a very talented couple of musicians played, and everybody danced.

I guess this post is really a chance for me to say a huge and very heartfelt “THANK YOU” to the guys, I am so honoured to be part of such a special moment in your lives. Big hugs to you both!

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At home

Too much choice

Today Fossombrone for fabric. I’m redecorating the living room of the Specchio Suite, and so need new curtains hence a trip to Fossombrone and the Aladdin’s cave of Cocci!
Fossombrone, Le MarcheCocci, Fossombrone #CocciCocci fabrics Fossombrone,  a day shopping for Bellaugello Gay Guest House

kindly helped by a local lady I have found the perfect material and received a round of applause when I admitted I will make the curtains myself.
A man of many talents indeed!

At home

A post

Last night, in fact it was early this morning, obscenely early I sat down to my computer and wrote.  The post came to 1458 words, it was a rant.  I am angry about so many things right now, but then so is the world.  Indeed my rant was about the anger in the world, but before posting I thought… wait! think!

So I did, and consigned my nearly 1500 words to the draft bin.  Why should I write more words of sadness when there are so many about?  No reason.  So following on from a theme of a chat this afternoon with a guy from Barcelona I am posting a cheery photograph of the Giardino Suite Terrace here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House.

Giardino Shower two guys having fun #BellaugelloTwo guys showering in the ‘world’s largest bathroom’ I am so looking forward to summer!


On the land

A good morning’s work

Chilly, dry, just the time to get the Orto or vegetable garden here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House dug over ready for the frost to do its work before planting begins, oh and the new fence is erected!

The orto at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, Italy,#GayGuestHouse

Hard sweaty work but so so satisfying. Now we hope for a bit of frost, meanwhile I’m off to sweat a bit more in the sauna!

At home

So good to keep in touch

The Bellaugello network is strong and grows daily.  One of the delights of owning and running a business such as Bellaugello Gay Guest House is the great friends that one makes, and how they keep in touch.

I am so fortunate to be included in so much information by so many people, to have invites to visit them in their homes and cities, and for them to pass on the word about Bellaugello.

Only today I have been messaging back and forth with the guy who made the pool video.  At my request he has made a second version with a few tweaks, that is already live on my Facebook page, and the original still exists and the link will be published here shortly…  For those of you who were fortunate enough to see the original, you know that it is worth seeing again.

And big news last night!  Well actually two bits of tiny news.  2.1kg and 2.8kg to be precise.  Carla and Alberta the most utterly beautiful and delicate twin daughters (and I have seen the photos) born the night before last to Martina and Bruno, Bruno being not only brother of one of my regular guests but thanks to that brother and his partner a friend.  I am so thrilled to be in on their joy so early, I just had to share it with you all.  I’m off to open the prosecco and drink to the girls health!

Post cut short and must end in haste as I have been invited out for supper and I have just received a message that the sausages are now cooking…  Ciao, vado!


The Beauty of Bellaugello

A disturbing video from what is believed to be a tolerant country and some reactions you will not find at Bellaugello

At home, On the land

Boudicca! Benvenuto!

A friend’s brother reportedly said “Boudicca – don’t let the Romans get near her!”

Last weekend a foal was born in the valley.  The mother a beautiful white Camargue  mare, both mother and daughter are doing well.  Boudicca was born early in the morning and spotted nestling on the edge of some bushes by my caring and diligent farmer neighbour.

Boudicca, the new foal in Valdichiascio

The photo is not the best, but it is a hugely happy one!  Why Boudicca I asked, “Why not?” came the reply, “This is the year that our horses names begin with the letter ‘B’  ”  and how great is that.

This afternoon as I type my blog at my kitchen window overlooking the roofs of Bellaugello Gay Guest House the sky is azure, cloudless, the sun is shining, soft week golds, the strength waning as sunset approaches, the shadows lengthening, not a breath of wind, all is still.

I am reminded that this morning I bundled the dogs into the cab and drove the Apetto down to the Chiascio river below the house where the dogs went for a swim.  In the warmth of the sun I dozed languidly on a huge bough of an uprooted tree that is stranded on the rocky shore, suspended in mid – air almost horizontal, large, substantial, but flexible enough to sway gently too relaxing.  The November floods have again changed the course of the river, our beach of last year is all but gone, now two huge new  beaches full of large stones have appeared up and down stream, the limpid pools have been washed away, new ones carved out, and new swimming holes appear to be formed, they will be perfect for summer skinny dipping…..


Working at Bellaugello

Working under the Umbrian Sun

JOIN THE TEAM!  Come and enjoy life working under the Umbrian sun!  I am looking for enthusiastic dedicated guys to work here at Bellaugello Luxury Gay Guest House in 2015.

Ideally you will have experience in the hospitality sector, and be looking to expand your experience and share your professionalism.  Be it in the kitchen, or out front, I am looking to add to my existing dedicated squad.

Guys must have a love of working with people, be enthusiastic, ‘solare’ adaptable, and highly professional.  I run the best gay guest house in Italy and I need only the best staff. You will be part of a small eclectic team working with great guests in a fabulous environment, Bellaugello Gay Guest House really is is a great place to be.  Accommodation and meals together with a modest salary provided.

Are you interested in Cooking? Waiting? Cleaning? Gardening? Are you a qualified Masseur?  You don’t need to be gay, just be tolerant, fit, comfortable with nudity, and open minded.  English language essential, other languages a bonus. For an info pack send me your CV and a recent photo either by Skype “Bellaugello” or email:

And even if you personally are not looking for a position, but you know of a friend or colleague who might be interested in working here then please do pass on the info and contact details to them.


Recruiting chauffeurs

Alongside the unfolding news of the dreadful atrocities in Paris,  the ongoing discussions in the media of freedoms, liberty, and extremism, I spotted another article vaguely in the same theme this time from the land of the frozen north.  Not anywhere as immediately tragic, but rather another brick in the palace of intolerance that is fast becoming Russia.

Russia bans transsexuals, ‘exhibitionists’ and ‘fetishists’ from driving as they are deemed mental disorders which leave them more likely to crash

Hmmm… me thinks…

Putin Exhibitionist?


I assume one already has one’s own driver….

At home

senza parole….


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