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Gay Hiking Week, Umbria 3 – 10 May – SOME SPACES STILL AVAILABLE

I am delighted to announce our first Guided Hiking and Walking Week based at Bellaugello Gay Guest House this May.

We have a full programme of hiking from the very challenging to the soft, including Monte Cucco, Pascelupo, Valdichiascio and Valnerina.  We have engaged the services of two professional guides, Mirko, speaking Italian and English is a qualified high mountain guide living in Scheggia in the Monte Cucco Regional park, the trails are send nature to him.  Our second guide is Mauro, a passionate hillwalker, photographer, naturalist and fly fishing instructor – who knows you might also be catching your lunch!

Pascelupo - secluded monasterywaterfall


Wonderful walking, the services of professional guides, dinners catered at Bellaugello, packed lunches, and even a mountaintop BBQ, services of a masseur, the wood-fired Sauna and great hospitality

Price for the week package €895.00 per person

For information pack and to reserve your space complete the form below:

Monte Cucco Hiking Valdichiascio

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At home

The Valkyries rode last night

It is almost seven years since the British Airways plane touched down at Pisa airport carrying with it 50kg of my baggage, what were to be my worldly possessions for the next several months, and I stumbled in the dark across the uneven surfaces trying to find the rental car, parked somewhere in the depths of an extensive car park on the edge of the airport.
That same morning had been emotional. A rushed cup of tea, ginormous hugs to the three dogs, squashing the baggage into the ridiculously small but chic and sporty car, being driven along empty streets in a bright sunny dawn to the departures section of Glasgow airport.
Checked in, we shared breakfast, an obscenely huge fry-up, after all it would be my last traditional British Breakfast, I was a Italy bound. Lots of holding of hands, smiles and tears across the table, how in wished we could hug and kiss, but we could not, two guys doing so in public even then in the Uk would have been frowned upon and caused problems. So much did I need to feel the touch of my then man. Queues to go through security, me looking back, he waving anxiously and tearfully, and so to the plane.
Touch down at London, grey, miserable, and one of those horrid long lay-overs, not enough time to do anything but too much time to do nothing. iPod on, and people watch.
Finally having used up all my UK phone minutes in tearful exchanges, the announcement came to board the plane for my Italian adventure. My then boyfriend/partner was staying behind to clear up things, to ensure a smooth transition of his business, close everything up in Glasgow, before selling the tiny flat he was, together with our three dogs relegated to, and then we would drive over here together to start our new lives together.
this is your captain, there is a large electrical storm over Pisa which means we are unable to land, we will have to circle the airport until the storm moves, and we need to burn the excess fuel to be allowed to land. So the plane flew in circles over the crashing waves of the Mediterranean, the light began to fade. For an hour circling in madding contortions, before touchdown. My Italian adventure, like the plane, no going back.
It was raining, torrential, heavy, wet, the kind of rain that goes through your bones, and it was May, late May, this was italy and it was supposed to be sunny. I thought I could speak Italian, I had holidayed here since forever, we had done evening classes in conversational Italian, but no I could not speak the language….. I was tired and missing my partner and the dogs….. And I had kms to drive. Jump into the black Fiat Punto, soggy, wet, no drenched, did I think to bring an umbrella? Certainly not, this is sunny italy.
Find out where all the controls are, long gone the days when some impossibly cute guy from the rental company would accompany you to the car, and with you in the driver’s seat reach over ones lap and twiddle the various joysticks, guiding your hand to the controls, I had to do it myself. Radio? No.. iPod dead, phone, no SIM card… It was going to be a long journey, tears welled up in my eyes as I set off, why was I here what was I doing, a dream? Why did I need a dream? and why was the steering wheel on the wrong side and why are the Italian road signs so impossible to decipher?
Hesitantly I set off, managed to find my way to the superstrada and head for Umbria. I had booked a few nights on familiar territory, a delightful country house hotel where we had stayed on so many occasions, the owner, now one of my very best and dearest friends had told me that lights would be left on to await my late arrival.
Down the now autostrada, thunder crashing everywhere, loud, real loud, lightening desiccating the skies, the Valkyries were flying. No traffic at all, no white lines on the road, it seems that in Italy the white lines are painted with water based paint and at the first hint of rain they wash away. Kilometre after kilometre I drove, no lights except the huge crashing Valkyries flying with the car, a sign, “Autogrill” so pull off the road, into the truckstop, nobody but a depressingly unwelcoming person behind the counter. A stale panini re fortifying coffee and back to the Valkyries.
And so it was yesterday. After a spell of balmy sunny weather the clouds came and the skies emptied. Thunder crashed, lightning scratched the skies above Bellaugello a Gay Guest House. Jenny the last remaining Scottish dog is terrified of the thunder, she was whimpering under the bed, the pore went off reminiscent of last august the power went off, I thought another burnt out electric meter, (still waiting on the insurance payout) luckily not just tripped fuses.
Bellaugello sits in a very commanding position on a south facing ridge looking down the Chiascio valley towards monte Subasio, the hill behind Assisi, so the views are huge, and yesterday’s storm was also huge. It brought back memories of that first day here in Umbria. So much has changed, the then abandoned house is now one of the foremost gay resorts in italy, I can now speak Italian, and have learnt to drive through the torrential rain without the assistance of white lines. Then partner is now long time an ex, the Scottish Setters have passed away, their last years in the halcyon bliss of the Umbrian countryside, and I am firmly planted to the soil here, the new Setter, Abandonnato is settling in well, Jenny is still the boss and I have a wonderful job and get to welcome fabulous guys from all over the world…. But every time there is a huge storm, my mind wanders back to that first day here when I could have so easily turned back. I’m glad I didn’t.

Development progress


Look dad what I have just done all by myself!

Abbandonato shows off the new driveway at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, Italy. Huge thanks to the builders for a splendid job.
just to prove he was helping Abbandonato did leave his paw prints in the wet cement

Development progress

Progress day 1

Abbandonato to the fore…. We managed a little work today!


Development progress

Yes, the timing is ideal…..

I has been said that I’ve taken leave of my senses, but want to make the Bellaugello experience better for you guys. Both my builders and I waited until the weather turned indifferent and then we dug up the drive here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House and are now softening the curve and paving the entrance driveway, it’s going to look ever so smart.




We have a gap of a few days Before our next guests arrive to complete the work, I have a dream, but sometimes I think I must be mad!

At home

We’re Open!

It is simply a stunning opening to the season here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House.


It has been a long slog to get the garden tidy, I between heavy rain showers and high winds, but all turned good in time for our first guests. There is real warmth in the sun, and the spring bulbs are at their best.

The April singles weekend is now fully booked, but we still have spaces for our Easter Weekend. Do come and join us at the historic and mystical Processione of Cristo Morto held on Friday evening 25 April in our beautiful medieval town of Gubbio. Saturday take time to explore the countryside or sweat in our sauna, we will be serving dinner with all guests seated together around our antique family table. Easter Sunday time for eggs, chocolates, and a special lunch here at Bellaugello Prices for three nights accommodation and breakfast from 450€ a couple
And for you energetic guys don’t forget to book for our hiking week 3-10 May. A chance to climb the splendid hills of the nearby Apennines guided by a fully experienced and qualified guide. Priced at 895€ per person for seven nights accommodation meals and qualified guide we still have limited availability for this week of adventure. Full details and itinerary are on an earlier blog post do check it out and join us

Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, Italy, is THE place to travel to and be seen this year

At home

Mad with the paintbrush

I am out cutting grass on the upper terraces and glance over to the decadent urns that grace my terrace and I really cannot decide if I have gone for the Ecological or Caribbean or Moldavian look this year!

The garden is full of spring colour, so why shouldn’t the urns be green?

At home

We are getting a new addition to the family…

Bellaugello Gay Guest House is getting a new member of the family.
His name is Ziggy and he will be here before Easter. He is young he is cute and he is looking forward to sharing my life here in Umbria.

I admit to liking younger men but no! I have not found a husband :-( applications still invited….

Ziggy is an English Setter. He is two and a half years old and has been looking for a home for sometime. I have learnt that offering to take on a rescue dog is more difficult than getting married. No simple “I do” and “he does” the process is long and drawn out and involves filling in countless forms, and a home visit to check out whether or not I am a suitable dad.

So, finally I have passed all the examinations and all that remains is for me to get to Rome and bring the young lad home!
With a face as cute as this although we have not met, it’s just gotta be good for both of us… how could I possibly refuse?


On the land

Oh no!

Weeks of fine weather have suddenly gone today
The fruit trees are just over full bloom and are setting their fruit, tiny delicate, tender…
There is a rapping on the window, outside there is a hailstorm, hard pellets of ice furiously battering the glass and rooftop and my tender trees……


At home


A stunningly quiet and tranquil dawn.

I always consider myself fortunate to be living in such a beautiful part of Italy. Birdsong fills the air, there is a light mist hanging in the valley below, spring flowers are in full bloom, blossom fills the garden and oh I nearly forgot to write that our owl has once again returned to nest in the hole in house that has become her home. Debris on the terrace below heralded her return, it is her spring cleaning time, the time she clears out her nest ready for her new chicks.
We too are at the final spring cleaning stages, as we open for the season on 29th of this month and are looking forward to welcoming many guys who have stayed before and to meeting and welcoming many guys who are booked to stay here at Bellaugello Gay Bed and Breakfast for the first time.

The Singles Weekend 4 – 7 April is fully booked, thanks guys for your great response. We have thoughts to organise another in the autumn, keep checking the blog for updates.

Easter is not far away. This year we are breaking with tradition and having lunch here at Bellaugello. We have a great Italian/Scottish menu priced at 30€ guests will all be seated together round one table. We still have availability for the Easter weekend

Our hiking week 3 – 10 May is proving popular, so come on all you energetic guys grab the chance for some great walking in the beautiful Umbrian countryside you are not too late to grab your hiking boots and book a suite.

The summer months are already very busy some suites booked right through, for you late bookers we still do have some availability so it is still very much worth giving us a call or sending an email and booking to spend your summer holiday here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House.

Travel to Bellaugello is easy through Florence, Ancona, Rome or Perugia airports. Car hire available at each airport, or we can organise a chauffeur driven transfer to bring you direct to the resort. And for those looking to complete indulgence we even offer to do an initial shop for you, and place a hamper of groceries in your suite awaiting your arrival.

For those of you that want to really indulge your husband or boyfriend we have a great sparking rosé wine, a box of chocolates and a bouquet of red roses we can place in your suite. Check the boxes on our booking form on the website, we are always delighted to personalise your stay with us.

And for those of you looking for complete relaxation we have engaged the services of Massimiliano a fully qualified physiotherapist, with a masters qualification in muscular and skeletal disorder treatments, he is a super masseur and will be available on Saturday afternoons for massages and to treat any aching backs or joints.

I am so looking forward to welcoming friends old and new to this delightful corner of Umbria, Italy.

Out and about - Things to do

Stadio dei Marmi. Roma

Ever since I first started having guests at Bellaugello Gay Guest House I have wanted to get to the Foro Italico in Rome and see the huge marble statues erected on the orders of Mussolini in 1933.
Rome is a great entry or exit point to Italy a choice of airports, good train connect is, a historic city to visit, I really do not need to tell you all that… and so it’s a great arrival point to Bellaugello. This morning I went on public transport and took the bus which leaves the road end very early, I was up with the lark.
My interest in the Stadio stems from a couple of Canadian guys who were touring the world and happened to stop off on their way through Europe at Bellaugello. Not only were they real great guys, handsome, cheery and full of life, but one of them was a painter. Now I never discovered if he was a painter as in pictures or a painter as in houses… However he did make an offer, which I accepted and during their stay he helped paint the living room of one of the suites! Add to that his love of photography, he enthused and inspired, and I was hooked on his tales of the lifetime ambition to get to the Stadio dei Marmi.
It has taken me a long time to follow in his footsteps, today was the day when I gazed on awe at the huge muscular marble statues that encircle the stadium. They are all different, some clothed, most naked, all muscular, huge feet and hands, and many with divine bubble butts. Each is named after a city in Italy, and represents a different sport, and hence a different pose. I must admit to having a penchant for 1930s architecture and design and for the nude male form ;-) and today in the hot sunshine the men did not disappoint
It just happened to be the Italy – England rugby international so the guys had all come to see the rugby. I, on the other hand came to see the guys….




20140316-100811.jpgand the statue of Perugia our local provincia


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