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In case you never hear from me again – Web server issues

Dear readers I attach a just received email from my web service provider:

Dear Client,

As your website is hosted on our server, you may well be aware of some on-going issues with sending e-mails to Microsoft account holders (Hotmail etc.). We recently decided to move to another hosting company and have now got in place a new dedicated server for all of our client accounts.
The websites have all been copied across to the new server and tonight we will change the name server IP address to point your domain to the new server.
This will be done late tonight, during low traffic times, to avoid any impact to your business. This will remove any IP black list issues and all e-mails will work as they should.
There will be some down time while the DNS propagate around the internet. This should not be more that a few hours and may be much less.
This is unavoidable I am afraid.
However the good news is that the new server is faster and more modern than our last offering. It is also located in Europe and so load time will be faster.
We have also (at no additional cost to you) installed the latest Spam eating software on the server, so you should see significant drops in the amount of spam your receive. This is called ‘MagicSpam’ and blocks spam before it is sent to your own account. Spam was the cause of the last IP Black listing fiasco and so to avoid any repeat performance, we have set the spam setting to fairly aggressive.
IF you are notified by somebody trying to send you an e-mail, that they cannot (they will know as a bounce back with the reason will be sent to them), then please notify us and I will ‘white list’ their address.
As part of the server upgrade, we have also upgraded the software that the server runs and have tested over the past week to ensure functionality of your website is maintained. We have made tweaks to the code where required – free of charge. However with any move of this nature, there may be some small issues with your website once the move is complete. So please can I ask that you also test your website and let me know of any issues you find.


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At home


Owing to work commitments I have received a cancellation of our stupendous DIVA SUITE for three nights from Friday 25th. JulyBELLAUGELLO GAY GUEST HOUSE, THE DIVA SUITE LIVING ROOMA large double aspect living room with kitchen corner, separate double bedroom, and large bathroom with panoramic shower could be yours for three nights this July.BELLAUGELLO the Diva Suite Bedroom, Umbria, ItalyBook now: email me at or by phone +39 075 920374 or Skype “Bellaugello”  Mention you saw it on my blog and a LAST MINUTE DISCOUNT APPLIES. (double occupancy for three nights including breakfast for 500 euro)BELLAUGELLO picture in the Diva Suite near Rome and Florence Italy, the Gay Guest House


And again…

An early flight this morning for two delightful guys flying back to Dusseldorf meant that I was already awake and serving breakfast when the phone rang;

Buongiorno Bellaugello

(in Italian) – “Do you have a room for this evening?”


“I see you offer a massage service”


Can I get an erotic sexual massage?”

Too damn early in the morning for such questions……….

At home

Another engagement at Bellaugello

They kept it quiet, so quiet, even I did not know until this evening when I received a delightful email from a couple of fantastic guys who, a couple of weeks ago officially got engaged here in the delightful romantic setting of Bellaugello.

I am so chuffed they chose Bellaugello Gay Guest House to affirm their commitment to each other.  They are really splendidly lovely  guys. Together with all the team I wish them every happiness.  LOVE IS IN THE AIR



We have been experiencing problems from out Internet Service Supplier.  As a result many of our emails are not getting through to potential guests.

If YOU have sent an email to Bellaugello and have not yet received a reply please can you re-send and let me know, I will send you the original reply by my private email address.

Here is the latest mail to me from my internet service agent for Hostgator


As one of our clients that is hosted on our dedicated server, you will be aware that there have, for the past few days, been issues with sending emails from your domain account through to Microsoft owned accounts (hotmail etc.).
It seems that Microsoft are starting to take a much stricter line with regard to spam, and after much chasing and ranting on my part, Hostgator (our server company) have finally come back to me just now to confirm that this current e-mail block is related to a far reaching response by Microsoft to block IP’s that are sending spam into their network.
The slowness of the response by Hostgator was a factor of the high number of other domains and customers effected by this action and the fact that Microsoft are not issuing any information to any of the ISP’s, but just blocking as they go.
The last recent block was, as you know was caused by spam being sent directly from a client account to other email accounts. This was swiftly dealt with.
This current Black list has been caused by e-mail account forwarders that are set up on our server, forwarding e-mails to hotmail accounts. These have been sending all e-mails through to the destination hotmail accounts, including spam. With the tightened Microsoft stance, this has resulted in our server IP (along with many others) being black listed by Microsoft. 
Now we know the cause we can take action to resolve this and get the IP delisted.
I appreciate the inconvenience this is causing you and can only apologise. Currently I cannot give you an accurate time frame for when the server will be cleared and e-mails will behave normally. As soon as I know more I will be in touch. If you have any urgent e-mails that need to get through, please use an alternative e-mail account to send the message.
The issue is out with my hands, and also includes .mac addresses, I am real sorry


Are you commercial?

A rude awakening at seven o’clock this morning by the shrill of the telephone:

“Pronto Bellaugello”

(In Italian)

How do I find you?

Me thinking sleepily…   “We are between Gubbio and Perugia – Frazione Valdichiascio”

How much for a room?

“160 euro a night including breakfast”

no I mean how much for two hours?

Don’t you just love the vulgarity and gall of Italian men…

At home

Summertime lah lah lah!

…and the living at Bellaugello Gay Guest House is GOOD!

The infinity pool at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, looking towards Monte Subasio

At home

Wedding bells!!

What a lovely weekend this has been at Bellaugello Gay Guest House as we hosted our first Gay Wedding Party.

For the guys it all started many years ago, but the Bellaugello involvement began just last September when during a private candle-lit dinner on a secluded terrace here down deep in the garden, one guy got down on one knee and asked his partner to marry him.  Yes! the obvious answer

T & F engaged at Bellaugello Gay Guesat House in Umbria, Italy, EuropeT & F with Alec at Bellaugello luxury gay hotel in Italy

Back in their home country they were officially married

F & T Marriage on the balcony

and determined to return with their families and close friends, they rented Bellaugello celebrate their wedding.  So it was on Friday afternoon the car park was suddenly filled with Fiat 500s, and out tumbled the guests.  The hosts were so organised, everyone was soon in their allocated suite, in time for tea and home made cake before a dip in the infinity pool.  In the evening we lit the barbecue and the guys cooked under the stars for their guests.

Saturday, a blue sky dotted with clouds did not deter the celebrations or an excuse for a swim in the infinity pool at Bellaugello.

Hairdone, the girls headed out to join the others and catch some rays.  Early afternoon two of the guys friends set up for the ceremony on the lawn overlooked by heady lavender crowning the south facing view over the Chiascio valley.  It was truly lovely, one of the grooms standing waiting whilst the other was brought down arm in arm by his mother really romantic, and very personal to all present.T & F on their wedding day at Bellaugello Gay bed and breakfast near assisi in italyThe married couple on the lawn at Bellaugello Gay resort in Italy near florenceF waits for T on his wedding day at Bellaugello luxury gay resort near rome

A passing cloud decided to donate some rain to the proceedings which were hastily continued on the covered terrace of the Diva Suite – everyone carrying their own chair! and then back on the sun drenched lawn, time for the Aperitivo and music by Melissa on her accordion, whom you might remember from my post on Canta Maggio – singing in the month of May.  Whilst not a professional Melissa is fabulous and was accompanied by her cousin who is a professional musician and member of the choir at the Basilica in Assisi it was a grey mix of traditional Italian folk and up to date chart music. Hear her play here by clicking this link:  Melissa playing at the wedding celebration at Bellaugello

T & F the cake from Bellaugello Gay Guest House, Umbria, near Florence, above Puglia, Italy,  EuropeAnd so it was to the dinner held in the dining room at BellaugelloCutting the cake at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, near Ancona, ItalyDancing on the terrace under the stars until the wee sma’ hours, and then Sunday, sun shining brightly a late brunch before everybody headed to the swimming pool.


An evening reservation at their choice of restaurant in Gubbio, also my favourite, a chance for the family to see a fraction of the enchanting city in this beautiful corner of Umbria.

It has been a busy weekend, my team here pulled out all the stops, let’s face it the guys were worth it, they are such a lovely couple, and my team had great fun making the weekend very special, personal to Bellaugello, for which I thank them, and of course in the best Italian fashion a very festive weekend.

At home


Bounteous are the apricot trees here this year at Bellaugello Gay Guest House


Looks like I’m going to be real busy making marmalade for the foreseeable future :-)

Bellaugello backs

Daydreaming to infinity

This photo of the infinity pool at Bellaugello Gay Guest House really requires no further words…..

sybaritic life at Bellaugello Gay Guest House between Rome and Florence, Italy

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