Two momentous events are about to happen in my life, and you will be witness to both, well that is one you will be fully witness to, the other I will do in private and then tell you about.  I now know that I have two not one huge announcements to make, they are exciting times here at Bellaugello in the green heart of Umbria, Italy.

So as to keep the suspense going I am going to keep you waiting just a little bit longer and post about something completely different.  I have been looking through photgraphs and have compiled this set of the East side of the house, here from what was the abandoned farm of Bellaugello, and is now Bellaugello Gay Guest House, arguably the best gay guest house in Italy.  I will let the photos tell the tale of our 15 x 5 metre salt-treated infinity swimming pool…  Have a nice day!

Podere Bellaugello

The start of the garden before the swimming pool at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, Umbria Italylet the dig commencepouring the floorThe salt-treated infinity pool at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, Umbria, ItalyBellaugello Gay Guest House, the infinity pool

The clouds hanging low over the Apennines lifted slowly this lunchtime to reveal a dusting of snow
So to celebrate here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House I broke out the box of “Lindor Diva” champagne chocolate truffles, they too being dusted, not with snow but gold powder


Four exquisite flavours laden with alcohol and lightly dusted in cocoa powder then rolled in gold the perfect indulgence for an ordinary day

I awoke the other morning in Munich to a beautiful sunny day and the bustle of city life – a few days away from Bellaugello Gay Guest House in delightful Umbria. The city is easily reached by a short flight from our nearby airport of Ancona.
It is a very civilized air route, Lufthansa fly direct and there is a damn good glass of red wine on the comfortable plane.
I am here following an invitation to a birthday party for one of a couple of great guests of Bellaugello who have become firm friends and live in a town nearby. Their hospitality was boundless and I have eaten to obesity not to mention imbibing the odd beer or two, interlaced with champagne and scoffed loads of chocolates and much solid Bavarian cuisine. We ended the stay by coming to Munich and the ballet in the delightful Residenz Theatre. A ballet about the hedonistic days Berlin in the 1920s. Ticket sales all going to a local charity for World Aids Day.


A beautiful setting, spectacular dancing, the principal having a smile almost all the way round his head, what a physique and boy could he dance!
I have shopped (figuratively) until I almost dropped – a cashmere coat with sable collar a mere €23,600 yes that is twenty three thousand six hundred euro, not a typo, wristwatches a snip at €101,000 ish and quite gross at that! Exquisite Nymphenburg porcelain teapot at €860 – and for that price it looks exactly like origami




20131205-112258.jpgand a butcher shop with Irish fillet of beef at €89 a kilo, alas! all way out of my budget but none the less with the exception of the diamond encrusted Rolex all so beautiful. However to make up for all this decadence and for us mere mortals there is the Christmas market or markets. Every where one turns the streets are filled with overflowing stalls each decked with bright lights, tree decorations, nativity figurines, garlands, candles and of course stalls selling fragrant gluwein.



20131205-112530.jpgThere are people galore from all over the world but my interest was stirred of course by the Pink Christmas Market, lots of hunky goodies there;-) and I managed to pick up a pair of santa’s little helpers!



And so today a bit of sanity was required and on the recommendation of my friends and it being a sunny crisp day a walk and visit to the Glyptothek museum took me to a place where I have fallen in love….




Of course as is my custom I have chosen an unsuitable man, and this one is even quite cold and unresponsive, but hell! he is beautiful…

It is raining, the wind is blowing and today we have had to dig a hole right outside the dining room door as we have a leak here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House.
The leak is in a heating tube that runs from our wood and pellet fired boiler town through the garden to the lower part of the house. We dug this morning and discovered that the plumber had done a real stupid thing and finished the insulated tube short of the house – not only is there a leak, but the insulated tube stops short of the house, and so the super expensive super insulated non-heat-loss tube is worthless, we are heating the ground around the house!


So now I wait on my new plumber who is coming to look at the leak. Of course it is not simple, the water is running from between the outer and inner casing, our hope is that he break is near the lower end otherwise it will mean digging up 30 metres of tube all of which run under established gardens, steps, flower beds and terraces…..
update tomorrow!