I had tried to write a catchy header to this post, but my brain is away somewhere else and for once I cannot link the two themes of this post with the correct heading…

Firstly owing to a cancellation I have two suites available for the Easter weekend, that is the last weekend of this month, come when you want, but do stay for Easter Sunday when we will be rolling Easter Eggs and having much silly fun.

With many traditional festivals and processions Easter is a great time here in Umbria.  In out nearby city of Gubbio the weekend starts with the procession of  “Christo Morto” an ancient procession throughout the town centre, with chanting, singing and participants dressed in strange attire.  It is an eerily spooky and deeply mystical procession, that entrances me every year.

In nearby Assisi there are of course many Easter processions, and services on the Sunday.  Assisi is especially worth visiting this year now that the new Pope has been elected and he has chosen the humble name of Francis.  From his Wikipedia biography I feel certain that he has chosen the name after St Francis of Assisi, who led a simple and honest life, and walked from Assisi to Gubbio to tame the wolf, I hear the new Pope prefers public transport to limousines, there are lots of great walks here in Umbria.  Last weekend I made contact with a guide called Mauro who will take guests into the fabulous Monte Cucco regional park, where he was born and grew up, for hiking, cycling, and even fly fishing- he is a qualified instructor, and down into the depths of the caves on Monte Cucco.  If that appeals do drop me a line for further details.

It absolutely staggered me this evening whilst checking Facebook (incidentally do please “LIKE” our facebook page “Bellaugello Gay Guest House”) that all the comments posted about the white smoke rising from the Sistine Chapel roof, and the likely choice of new Pope, then the heightened tension whilst waiting to the red curtains to be drawn dramatically back, were posted save one exception from a loving and proud mum… ‘Mum is it true that Berlusconi has just been named the new Pope?!’ by gay guys!  Now get that girlfriend!!  Not that any of them are religious, maybe closet religious, but not openly professing religion.  With hardly one exception neither are they pro-Catholic, or intend to be, so why the slavish interest and lavish comments?

Anyway Religion or no religion, belief or no belief, the last weekend of March is a splendid time to come and stay at Bellaugello Gay Bed and Breakfast, where you will always be assured of a warm welcome, cozy underfloor heating in the suites, a cheery fire in the dining room, and the warmth of the log burning sauna stove…  (oh dear does that last sentence sound a bit Dante ish?)

Email your booking request now to:   book@bellaugello.com


A crisp frosty morning, and I find myself with a desire to return to bed and listen to the radio.  Fed up with listening to the radio on my Apple computer – I love the computer but dislike the tinny sound, I decided to dig out my Pure Digital Radio that I bought six years ago when living in Scotland.

Both RAI the state broadcaster and Mediaset (Berlusconi’s) have made a big song and dance about last month’s big digital switch on in Umbria.  I mean honestly do I really want to watch scantily clad girls drape themselves over elderly male anchormen in 1960’s style in greater clarity? – for that is it seems all Italian TV can produce, anyway stupidly I thought that six years after I was listening to digital radio in Scotland I might finally have the pleasure of doing the same here, but NO.  A search by the radio brought up absolutely zero DAB channels, and a search on the internet a lengthy list of television stations but it seems that none of the few radio stations that broadcast here in Umbria are broadcasting in Digital, so it is back in the box for the Pure and to work for me!

Why oh why do the BBC keep changing the format of their iPlayer?

Just as I get acclimatised to their new look site they go and change it.  I like to keep in touch with the news in the UK and Scotland in particular, and also to hear of Berlusconi’s absurd Bunga Bunga parties from a media source other than those controlled by him – here in Italy we do not get to hear of his horrifying antics

I am a long term listener to BBC radios 3 and 4, and have recently discovered the delights of Radio 7 and their books and plays, so delightfully read, and all just a click away, but no….

They have once again changed the format of the iPlayer and what used to be a few clicks away is now several.  I do hope there is a good technical reason for this change, for to my eye every new site refurb is less visually pleasing.

And just how much is this refurb all costing?  Call me a humbug, I know it usually takes me a wee bit of time to acclimatise to a new refurb car model, then a few months later wondering how I ever like the old style, but at 06.30 in the morning when I fumble to listen to the news, a change in the iPlayer is too much…