The Sun is shining and as the Nöel Cowerd song goes “mad dogs and English men go out in the midday sun” so it has been a week of dogs here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House though not all choose to be outside under the hot Umbrian sun…

Firstly a delightful couple from England, Molly and Luca, ever sprightly, Molly suffering somewhat from ‘Bobby’s attentions, and Luca defending his sister! Next a return visit from Oneil, from Southern Italy, an Irish setter who is sooo calm and relaxed in the shade of a parasol, and now Miguel from Spain, rescued and brought to Italy by two caring thoughtful guys from Northern Italy, and seen here at the upper window of the Giardino Suite admiring the view down the Chiascio valley


A chilly blustery morning finds me and Isis, my neighbour down in the vineyard being given our first lesson on how to prune the vines.
March is the month for the initial pruning, and my neighbour and good friend Martin demonstrates how the vines should be pruned and tied. Martin is one of the few remaining farmers in the valley who still has a vineyard, he being taught many years ago by one if his neighbours. You can see that the vineyard has suffered from a few years of neglect, but is very salvageable. We learn to cut out the older tired wood and tie the strong youthful shoots to the wires in the old way using willow sticks cut from the tree on the edge of the vineyard grown specifically for the purpose.

Morning one almost a full row done, only another twenty to do, we need to speed up!

Yesterday we were at the vet, this morning Jenny was considerably worse, and so we went back, she was given an anti-dolorifico and tomorrow we are to return for more tests and an ecografia.
The poor wee soul is in pain, she yelps when touched, and cries out when she rolls over in her bed, today she refused food, as the guys who have stayed at Bellaugello Gay Guest House well know, this is unbelievable for Jenny to refuse food, so my concern is genuine.
Last autumn a second cancerous growth was removed from her paw, now the disease seems likely to have spread. I am not pre-judging the results of tomorrow’s test, but keeping fingers crossed that it is just an infection that is dragging her down, but it is real tough for both of us here at the moment.