This morning I awoke to birdsong.  there was hardly a breath of air, just sweet birdsong, so still, very still and harmonious.  Late yesterday the tractors finished harvesting the sunflowers in the large field in the bottom of the Chiascio valley in front of Bellaugello.  It has taken them the best part of four long days, the field is several tens of hectares.  With the wnd blowing up from the south they emit a distant rumble as they plod back and forth across the field.

The farmers must be delighted there has not been a drop of rain to spoil their harvest.

I read with interest that friends in Roma are to harvest their olives today.  Ours here are looking good, but a bit small.  I do not know if a bit of rain will help swell the fruit, it would certainly not go amiss for the garden and the water supply.

This year August was unusually dry, and there is noticably less water in the water sources.  Luckily here at Bellaugello the spring is still flowing.  Can it perhaps rain at night?

cloudless sunday at Bellaugello

A phone call had me packing my towel and heading off down the valley for a swim in the river Chiascio with a group of friends.  The water is much lower than last time I was there and beautifully warm.

Having cooled off we wandered up into a neighbouring field to photograph the sunflowers.  Unfortunately we had left it a bit late and they are just past their best.  However we did get some good pictures that will appear on the website in future.

Fun in the sunflowers
cascate on the Chiascio

deep in the sunflowers

I have just received an email from the webdesigners informing me that the copy they had been waiting on (my fault!) has now been inserted into the website, thus all the pages are now complete.

Thanks guys you have done a great job.  The feedback has been really encouraging and we are beginning to get hits.

I am busy collating photographs to include and thus finish off the English section of the website.  I need to get out and about as I want to include a photo of a field of sunflowers of which there are now many in full flower.

The Italian version has been written and is currently being checked, so you guys here in Italy will soon be able to visit the site in your mother tongue.

The last job remains the all important key-word search optimisation, that too is in progress, almost there!!