A picture tells a thousand words, so just a few from me this morning to say that once again the sun is shining here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, central Italy.

Last night we dined on the terrace, the evening was utterly still, all around hardly a breath, silence, just the voices of guys swapping stories and exchanging ideas under a bright star filled inky blue sky.

By the power of email arrived from a couple of regular guests here at Bellaugello a selection of photos for the “Bellaugello Backs” section of my blog.  Although repeat visitors and whilst his partner was the inspiration for the series, this guy has not yet yet been posted on the “Backs”  and the selection of photographs sent make the decision real difficult, they are all so good, so I post two to give you a flavour of the quality of the photography and so you can enjoy the stunning view !

A phone call had me packing my towel and heading off down the valley for a swim in the river Chiascio with a group of friends.  The water is much lower than last time I was there and beautifully warm.

Having cooled off we wandered up into a neighbouring field to photograph the sunflowers.  Unfortunately we had left it a bit late and they are just past their best.  However we did get some good pictures that will appear on the website in future.

Fun in the sunflowers
cascate on the Chiascio

deep in the sunflowers