A satisfying morning in moderate sunshine here at Bellaugello Gay bed and breakfast in Umbria.  I was working in the vegetable garden, and got artichokes, broad beans and onions planted.

We plant by the lunar phases, and so I have until the 5th. of April to get the rest of the onions planted, and also the potatoes, garlic and peas, it’s going to be a busy time, any volunteers about??

This afternoon there was a light drizzle, just enough to water in the plants – perfect

I don’t know what has been happening around here this year but I seem to be surrounded by a glut of over-sized vegetables.  Last night two enormous cucumbers arrived at the door.  The one in the pic measures over 40cms!!  Anyone out there done research into vegetable size  correlated to penis size of the grower?  I’d love to hear your experiences…