Last night along with friends we ventured to the multiplex cinema at Perugia and sat in comfort watching the latest Harry Potter film.

The Multiplex Cinema opened earlier this year, and has ten screens, with large comfortable seats, and with the aid of stereo radio headphones shows foreign language films in their original languages.

Four of us sat giggling as we donned our headphones and listened to the film in English.  The sound was good, but you had to have the volume at a high level to drown out the Italian version, add to that that the headphone technology was rather tetchy and involved juggling the receiver to keep the signal working, it was a strange experience.

Before the film we ate at the onsite restaurant, ‘Old Wild West’ a Tex-Mex style restaurant.  It was quite surreal sitting in  an American style eatery (on horse saddle seats) eating nachos and burgers in deepest Italy.  The atmsosphere was authentic, but alas the food did not live up to the decor.

All in all an enjoyable evening, but we left in full agreement that we prefer real Italian home prepared food, and the quaintness of the small local cinemas that are still very much in evidence here in Umbria.

A couple of days ago I was really excited to have completed the English version of my Website and sent an email to a large mailing list of my friends.  Quite simply I had to share my good news, and at the same time ask my friends and contacts to publicise the website for me and pass on the address with the intention of drumming up business.

I have been overwhelmed by the feedback and  good wishes I have received, and the knowledge that there are actually people following my blog. for which many many thanks to all.

Many have expressed surprise that I am targeting the gay male market alone, think I am brave, but definitely on the right track.  There are also regret comments that on a account of their gender or sexuality this will exclude some of them from staying here.

Having only completed two suites I am tempted this summer to open the doors to all comers, to allow all  to glimpse what will be on offer.  Of course making sure that if I receive a booking from my target gay male market then I stick to the business plan then that period will be exclusively for the gay male market.

I need to do some thinking on the subject, and would welcome any thoughts on the matter.

I awoke to sun streaming through the bedroom windows, the gentle gyrations  of the cement mixer, and the distant rumble of a tractor ploughing down in the valley.  Another day has started early here at Bellaugello, my gay guest house in the sun.

Yesterday morning thanks to Ryanair Tom arrived here safely and on time off the flight from  London Stanstead direct into Perugia San Egidio Airport.  I am delighted to welcome him to Bellaugello, and look forward to jointly tackling some of the heavy undergrowth below the house and preparing land round the olive trees for this autumn’s harvest.

Had to post these pictures, it is just so lovely here this morning,

morning has brokensun on the house

Have a good day and speak to you later,

I just received in the post today here at Bellaugello a flyer for the Jazz festival which starts here in Gubbio on 10th. August and runs through until the 25th. August.

There is a full programme including several informal concerts at cafes throughout the centro storico of Gubbio.

Check the website for further information;

I still have one vacancy for a suite over much of that time so why not come on out and join in the fun!

On another swelteringly hot day here at Bellaugello  when all I want to do is have a break from strimming grass, strip off and dive into a swimming pool, I learn that the finished pool is to be a bit further off than previously anticipated.

Yes, we are still awaiting permission for our horizon swimming pool, here at our gay guest house in Umbria.

We had hoped to be starting work on the new swimming pool within the next few weeks, and to be constructing it of pre-formed steel panels, however there has been a planning complication and  it now looks unlikely that the chlorine-free swimming pool will not  be built for this summer.

Naturally I am disappointed to have to relay this news, however the new designs look very impressive, and will certainly be worth the wait.

Included in the new pool development plans here at our gay bed and breakfast is a horizon water fall on the south and east elevations, giving views to the Apennines, two large terraces with sunloungers to the west and north sides, a solar shower,  and we will be using L E D lighting to give a spectacular night-time colour display.  Solar panels will heat the water allowing the pool to be used for more months in the spring and autumn.

The good news is t hat you will be able to strip off and plunge into the swimming pool next spring!