Yesterday was yet another scortcher.  The guys arrived at six am to start work, finishing by lunchtime as it is just too hot for them to work outside in the afternoons.

Folowing our big clean up of the back drive the fence was erected and draped with dark green nylon windbreak which makes a very effective screening from the road, thus enabling us guys to strip off and soak up the rays in the way nature intended…

An invitation to Pratale is one not to be lightly declined.  Eighteen of us sat down in the courtyard under the ancient mulberry tree to celebrate Ben’s Birthday.

Dinner was as always excellent, with much of the  food being harvested just that afternoon, followed by a team made Birthday Tiramisu Cake, all washed down with good honest local wine.

Guests had arrived from as far afield as Paris, Sheffield , Canada and Zurich, and we talked happily until the wee smaa ‘ours

Happy Birthday Ben!!

Spaghetti Messicana at PrataleBen's Birthday

This annual festival of music, prose and lyrics is now finished for 2009.  You will have to return at the end of June next year to be able to enjoy the wide array of performances.  Inaugurated in 1958 by Gian Carlo Menotti it attracts a huge international cast of performers and audience alike.

An offshoot of this is a group of a cappella choral singers organised by Umbrian Serenades who bring together enthusiasts from the United States for a tour of Umbria, that includes tours of some of the towns and concerts in spectacular venues.

Sunday evening sees them performing at 7pm in the top basilica in Assisi.  I think a concert in an unforgettable location not to be missed.

Well I just had to do it……  After a trip to Ikea in Ancona I took myself off to the beach for a couple of hours relaxing.

Sirollo is a lovely cove beach just south of Ancona.  As is the custom in Italy there are sunloungers for rent, but here too there is space to spread a towel and just soak up the rays and enjoy the eye candy!!

Today is forecast to reach the high thirties, as I write the birds are singing, and the Apennine mountains in the distance are glazed with a fine heat haze, and there is not a cloud in the sky.

Yesterday the guys worked hard and got the footings finished for the second garden wall, now waiting for them to dry before proceeding with the stones.  Strange, along with my daily plant watering ritual  I had to water the footings last night so they didn’t dry out too quickly.

Last night there was not even the slightest breeze, utter peace, bright stars, the plough is very much in evidence overhead.  We feasted off steaks cooked on the barbecue and sat out late slowly sipping a fine Sagrantino di Montefalco

I have just received an email from the webdesigners informing me that the copy they had been waiting on (my fault!) has now been inserted into the website, thus all the pages are now complete.

Thanks guys you have done a great job.  The feedback has been really encouraging and we are beginning to get hits.

I am busy collating photographs to include and thus finish off the English section of the website.  I need to get out and about as I want to include a photo of a field of sunflowers of which there are now many in full flower.

The Italian version has been written and is currently being checked, so you guys here in Italy will soon be able to visit the site in your mother tongue.

The last job remains the all important key-word search optimisation, that too is in progress, almost there!!