Her Majesty the Queen stepped out in Hamilton, Bermuda……

I just love it, so stylish and appropriate, Her Majesty’s outfit co-ordinates perfectly, oh she really does have a sense of the occasion.

There is a really fine photo on the net of HM and the DofE alighting from the Royal Flight onto the stylish pink carpet,  unfortunately the picture will not load into my blog  so with lateral thinking i’m posting this pic of Gubbio instead

Yesterday was the first occasion in nearly three years I could be seen wearing a tie!  The occasion, my good friend Ben presented his thesis and graduated at the University of Perugia.

La Laurea di Ben

In the photo Ben wearing an overly large crown created from laurel gathered at Pratale, their lovely home in Valdichiascio, is flanked by his parents, Etain and Martin.  The significance of the bananas I have yet to discover!

Yet another call to Servizio Cliente di TelecomItalia on account of my internet being ludicrously slow and getting progressivly slower…

Today I was informed that they cannot provide service for speeds in excess of 600kb I pay for 7mega!!

This is the age of technology, welcome to the outback..

An utterly perfect afternoon had us clambering up Monte Ingenio behind Gubbio to participate in the launch of five hang-gliders.

I was amazed that in mid-november there are the proper updraughts, but today there sure were.  The multi-coloured sails were soon launched and floated high in the azure skies above the beautiful medieval city of Gubbio. Wonderous!