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Do any of you out there work for large organisations with an INTRANET?  If you enjoy my blog could you please post my website http://www.bellaugello.com on your work intranet, and if you have friends in large organisations can you please ask them to do the same and ask them to pass on the web address to their friends and contacts

Go on spread the word about Bellaugello Gay Guest House B&B in Umbria

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A friend who had stayed at Bellaugello Gay B&B recently sent me this You Tube link of the fabulous concert and lighting show held in the Piazza Grande in front of the Palazzo dei Consoli.  It brought back memories of halcyon summer days……   To view Click on the Link below

Palazzo dei Consoli, Gubbio Music and Light 2009

An example of one of the many wonderful concerts and events that cater to a wide range of tastes here in the beautiful medieval city of Gubbio, Umbria, held every year.

We live in an age of increasing planned obsolescence and by contrast eco-awareness.

Why do household rubber gloves disintegrate or puncture after such a short time?  In my memory a pair of rubber gloves would last for simply ages, you could use them for doingthe washing up and then when they were a bit tired transfer them to cleaning bathroom and floor duties, and still they remained intact.

Now after mere days rubber gloves puncture and let in water, I am sick of them.  I have tried all brands sold in Gubbio and yet to find a reliable pair that lasts more than a week.  Show them a knife and they wilt!  We have eco-awareness drummed into us these days, why can’t the same standards be applied to glove manufacturers?

I have spent the past weeks attempting to link my website for Bellaugello Gay Bed and Breakfast in Umbria to other sites.  It is a dazzlingly difficult task for a novice like me.  Once I find a site I like I either fill in an online form, or send a request.

The online form inevitably requires photographs loaded and thus time to upload, haha! with ADSLento here it is unpredictable.  Sometimes the form goes sometimes it does not, but you have to keep coming back and checking, it consumes time, lots of time.

Some sites now have me listed, others do not, so I email them, and guess what…. no reply no replies.  Now do I blame that on my ADSLento or have I filled in the form incorrectly, or has the site gone on holiday or is TelecomItalia still sending my emails by fax?  I guess I’ll never know 🙂