Today another busy day here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in the glorious Umbrian countryside, and after a busy day a real treat; the first strawberries from our garden.

This evening I gathered strawberries warmed by the Italian sun and plump from the recent rains, and at dinner combined them with marscapone ice-cream, utterly indulgent and wicked for the waistline! – oh and on  the way to the strawberries I just had to stop at one of the young cherry trees and pluck a ripe cherry – delicious!

These pics are for my Mum who sent me three wonderful Paeony Roses last year.  This one I planted in the rose bed above the Azure Suite here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria and is the first to bloom this spring.

Thanks Mum, like you,  they are bloomin’ wonderful xx

Well I finally seem to have cracked it.

For the past three days the wireless internet connection has been working at a fast speed.  I don’t want to tempt fate, but it looks very encouraging and so finally at Bellaugello Gay Bed and Breakfast in Umbria it seems as if our communications have reached the 21st century!

Another sunny day dawned at Bellaugello Gay Guest House here in Umbria, an excuse to breakfast outside on the terrace.

To my delight I spotted an owl chick in one of the roosting boxes in the old stone walls of the main house.  I did not look too closely so as not to disturb mum and chick, but definitely saw a wee face peeking out, what a joy.  The hoopoe are nesting in an old wall behind the house, they too must have chicks as they are busy flying tothe nest with morsels.

The lavender I plante last year just keeps on growing and growing.  I thought it would make nice borders for the paths, but it seems determined to engulf them.  I am loathe to cut the plants back, but maybe today is the day I pluck up the courage to do so before I lose sight of the paths completely.

After last night’s storm sunrise was early and very beautiful.  Mist hang in the Chiascio valley and as the sun rose the mist crept up the valley toward Bellaugello Gay Guest House which sits at 500 metres altitude facing south over the valley looking directly toward Monte Subasio the large hill behind the city of Assisi.

By nine o’clock there was a light mist but it quickly burnt off and now the sun is shining brightly.  This morning we finished the chimney for our ancient brick oven and I must say it looks rather splendid.  I decided to finish the top with a pyramid formation which is often seen in this part of Umbria.  However we need something to surmount the very top.  A discussion amongst those present came up with, pineapple, field stone, cockerel, and augello.  Well I have to decide, for now it will remain unadorned……..

oggi è il terzo anniversario del mio arrivo qui in Italia.  Tre anni fa quando sono arrivato c’è stato un temporale tremendo.

Questi ultimi tre anni sono stati a volte tempestoso a volte difficile ma nel complesso assolutamente piacevole.

Ho incontrato molte persone e fatto molti amici ed è stato davvero fortunato qui a Gubbio.  Mi hanno accolto molti ospiti meraviglioso Bellaugello e insieme con i mei tre cani sono veramente contento di aver fatto la scelta di trasferirsi in Italia ed eseguire una guest house gay.

Oggi c’è stato un altro grande tempesta, ma un grande arcobaleno sbornia Bellaugello 🙂