A tutti I CIOCCOLATADIPENDENTI la fuori. Prenotate la vostra vacanza a Bellaugello Gay Guest House in tempo per l’ orgasmica festa del cioccolato che si terrá a Perugia quest’anno dal 15 al 24 ottobre.

Le strade e le piazze del Centro Storico di Perugia traboccheranno letteralmente di ogni tipo di cioccolato che si possa immaginare e Bellaugello, con il suo ambiente bello e tranquillo, si trova a soli 40 minuti in auto da Perugia. Il luogo perfetto per assaporare segretamente le delizie del cioccolato.

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Per prenotare la tua Suite a Bellaugello e partecipare ad una delle cene al cioccolato che realizzerò a Bellaugello, clicca sulla pagina delle prenotazioni e inviami un email. Offerte a partire da € 210,00 a coppia per due pernottamenti, prima colazione e cena.

Affrettati, finché c’è ancora disponibilità.

Thanks to my good friend Adolfo for the Italian translation

Ok I may not be mad, (or at least not quite yet) but I am crazy about my dogs and want only the best for them.

A few weeks ago a couple of great guys from Bergamo came and stayed at Bellaugello Gay Guest House here in Umbria and brought with them a divine two year old Beagle called Lilly.

Well Edo, my blue belton English Setter took no time and instantly fell in love with Lilly.  He would sit patiently and quietly outside the Suite waiting to catch a glimpse of the lovely Lilly.  He went off his food and wandered around starry eyed, hoping to catch a glimpse when she returned from her day out with her masters.

Luckily for him by the end of her two week stay Lilly began to show amorous feelings for Edo. In the morning at breakfast on the terrace here at Bellaugello Gay B&B she would receive small tidbits and blow me down if she did not bury them in the gravel, making little piles with her nose scraping the gravel up.  She did not eat a morsel, and evidently knew Edo was lovesick and not eating and she was leaving sustenance for him….  it was just so cute..  Romance blossoming at Bellaugello

There was a double celebration yesterday here in Valdichiascio near Gubbio in Umbria, Italy.

My great friends Luca and Valentina were married and shortly after had their son, Pietro baptised, a cause for a major party.

Luca flies helicopters for the Corpo Forestale, and in every sense of the word has a sense of adventure and over-abundant generosity, which to me is complimented by Valentina’s sense of humour, infinite patience and fantstic sense of fun.  They are a great couple and organised a superb evening to which they invited over 200 friends.  It seemed like the whole of Valdichiascio were there present, along with Luca and Valentina’s familes, and work colleagues and friends.  Guys staying here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, were all invited to the party by the bride and groom, (thanks Luca and Valentina, they really had a fantastic time) and had a chance to mix with the locals and meet many of my cool neighbours.

Catering was by Sabrina and Calaudia of my favourite restaurant, ‘Bargello‘ in Gubbio, and  music by local dj.  The entire evening was held outdoors in the garden with tables bedecked with organza and groaning with food and wines.  To the north over the Apeninnes rumbled unheard a large storm, the clouds illuminated vivid oranges by the distant lightning, very dramatic and quite spectacular, but overhead here a magical cloudless starry sky.

Oh and I just had to wear my kilt and be photographed with the Bride 🙂

I simply adore lavender.  When I was young it was a fragrance associated with fusty old aunts and wardrobes in long forgotten distant bedrooms, however it was a fragrance that captivated me.

Here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House near Gubbio in Umbria, Italy I have planted over two hundred lavender bushes.  They line sides of paths and steps and billow over the embankments, forcing guests to brush past and release the potent fragrance.

I also cook with lavender and thanks to two great guys from the north of Italy I now have violet food colouring (they rushed into Perugia and found what I had singularly failed to find, thus leaving me with no excuse not to try out the receipe!) and make pretty lavender cakes with lavender frosting, also using lavender for lamb and salmon.

Gabriella, the fabulous co-owner of the herboristeria in Gubbio has suggested lavender as a relaxing bath.  Using a clean sock stuffed crammed with lavender flowers hung under the bath tap the water is fragrant and the lavender oil softens the bath water, divine…

Another great guest from Belgium has sent me a recipe for lavender jam, the required apples are now ripe and so lavender jam making will commence, and two cool guys, recent guests from Padova have sent me a large selection lavender recipies, all of which will be tried, they sound wonderful.  I also learn of a store selling solely lavender products, sounds dreamy to me…

Thanks to Swa for the picture which he took whilst here on holiday at Bellaugello

Any further lavender recipies or suggestions for use of lavender will be much appreciated

One of the Suites not previously seem on the blog is the Specchio or Mirror Suite here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House near Gubbio, in Umbria Italy.

The Specchio Suite, traditional in style, is accessed from the shady upper west terrace and has its own private covered verandah.  Entered through the living room with kitchen corner, log burning stove, and luxury sofa bed.doors lead to both the bathroom and bedroom.  There separate double bedroom with super kingsize bed has views to the Apenines, and also accesses the large bathroom with Double showers.  Windows to both east and west make the most of the sunshine and views both to the Apeninnes and our garden.