As reported on the BBC New York’s state senate has approved gay marriage – here’s the link: New York’s Senate approves gay marriage

Here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, as we do whenever we hear of a new country or state approving gay marriage, we would like to offer the first newly married couple of guys from New York to contact us, a week’s b&b stay at Bellaugello with our compliments.  All you have to do is be one of the first ten gay couples married in New York and produce your dated marriage certificate at the time of booking and come and enjoy your holiday in the glorious Umbrian countryside.

I awoke early, real early this morning, it was five o’clock and the sun was already up and warming the glorious Umbrian countryside.  The light was a soft peachy yellow, mist lingered in the folds of the hills and the birds were singing the dawn chorus.  Unfortunately I did not have my camera at home and was too sleepy to go downstairs to find it, so you will just have to take my word for the glory of today’s sunrise.

I am now in the kitchen catching up on emails and contemplating the tasks for the day ahead.  Again it is a glorious day, the solar panels are working real well and we have abundant hot water, the hay has been cut and baled in the big field, my delicious lavender is now really coming into flower and the bees are busy collecting the nectar and there is not a cloud in the sky….

a day for chillin’……………


Ok so the cherry jam was not a success, at least is is not the best jam I have ever made, but will be excellent for pies and riccotta cake, however yesterday my friend Paul arrived with a colossal amount of raspberries.

These are Scottish raspberries, grown by an Englishman here in Valdichiascio, Umbria, Italy and utterly delicious

Now, I have a problem with raspberries, Quite simply I adore them, and the temptation to eat them all is immense, however that would be gluttony gone wild, so they are being made into jam for the guys here at Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse.

My first boiling last night resulted in a bright tangy jam, and will be on the breakfast table tomorrow, meanwhile with this latest delivery I know that I will get little time to work on my tan today – and it’s a beautiful day, I will be making yet more jam..

It may seem like I have, but I promise you I have not polished these wee gems, sparkling as they are, it is as if the fireflies are using the cherries as mirrors.

The boughs on all the cherry trees here at Bellaugello gay b&b are hanging low laden with glorious sweet juicy fruit are a delight to behold.  The cherries this year are numerous and unlike the firefly fantasy I have a purpose behind my interest in the cherries

Jam, Marmelata, Marmelade, that’s what I am doing this week,  home-made jams to serve to the guys here at Bellaugello for breakfast to accompany their home-baked bread and cakes.  Last year it was the fig tree, those pendulous sensual fruit that were so abundant, this year the fig has suffered with lack of rain and there are fewer fruit, but still wonderful quality, and so fig jam will be in short supply.  Mind you so may the cherry – have you ever spent an afternoon de-stoning cherries?  Along with putting those shiny bits on the end of shoe laces it must rank as one of the most tedious jobs in the world.