In blogging I have an unwritten rule that I should be always cheery and positive, but then why? life is not always cheery and positive and when sometimes I really do not feel that way I need to let off steam so here goes with another rant.

I do not like paperwork at the best of times, let’s face it who does?  However it has to be done.  Here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House it is like any other business, forms to fill in and returns to make and statistics to email.

I spent the day on the computer.  In amongst frustration of work, aimlessly wandering between Skype and Facebook, where one Italian friend commented on the chilly weather now coming into central Italy “Ma un muro tra la siberia e l’europa no eh?…” which made me chuckle, especially when a friend of his accused him jokingly of being a racist 😉

What did not make me chuckle is the waste of time in sending off statistics for yet another government department.  I fill in a form of my own design, (for there is no standard issue form) and send the form off to the relevant office where they manually transcribe the data onto another ‘master’ form, which is probably then transcribed again at head office. What a waste of time, and talk about jobs for the taking…..

I suppose my lack of sense of humour results from being let down very badly by someone who I trusted, inevitable I guess, I can be a bad judge of character, and I HURT  and that is not the best thing to happen when cold winter is fast approaching and yucky paperwork is mounting up.

Thank goodness tomorrow is another day…..

Today at Bellaugello Gay Guest House it was yet another glorious day.  An overnight frost soon lifted and the sun has shone brightly all day.

After a couple of days at the computer I took the opportunity to work outdoors and, although wrapped up warmly, felt the restorative heat of the sun.  Later this afternoon the dogs were nagging me for a walk.  Inevitably they win, so off we set on one of the delightful dirt roads that weave their way along the valley through beautiful Umbrian countryside.

Naturally neighbours and friends on their way home from work or shopping in nearby Gubbio passed in their cars, some stopped for a chat.  One was a local estate manager who was decrying the lack of rain.  Indeed, the spring here at Bellaugello Gay B&B has all but dried up, not normal for this time of year.  Looking back on photo records I see that this time last year the river Chiascio had burst its banks and the fields below in the valley were flooded.  Tito is right, it has been unusually dry this past 14 months we desperately need rain.  Odd to think coming as I do from Scotland that I could be wishing for rain, but the thought has crossed my mind.

In reality I much prefer the prospect of a month of snow, then the Sauna will be perfect!

In the end the lemon dinner here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Italy, last Saturday evening also featured other fruit; a creative artist decided to extend the fruit theme with designer fruit place cards, using green apples bought that morning from the farmers’ market in Gubbio.  They looked so chic,  (if somewhat messy in the preparation) with the chocolate writing, and we had such fun deciding the seating plan.

Definitely to be repeated!!

Not often I post personal messages on my blog, but in this case I see no other way of getting in touch with the chap concerned;

This morning I received an incomplete booking form from the Bellaugello Gay Guest House website, for a two week period this summer.  Unfortunately the sender omitted to write his email address, and the only name I have to go on is “Roy Jones” so this is to say that I am not ignoring enquiries, but unfortunately with the limited information I have I am unable to reply to this one.

If by any chance the sender is following my blog, please do re-send the enquiry together with a reply email address and I will give the enquiry my full attention.