Just had to post again tonight as it is February 29th.  It is rather special, as it is not so very often that I get the  chance to post on 29th. of February.

And I find myself for once with little to say, except  the happy news that wollet our owl has returned to roost in one of the nesting boxes in the wall of the upper house.  That funny things are happening in the ether, and on the internet, however more of those at a future date when I have got to the bottom of the matter.

I had thought to witter on, be entertaining, to rabbit about trivia, even dribble nonsense, however instead I will keep this post very brief and instead post one of my favourite dreamy pictures of the Bellaugello Gay Guest House Estate taken not long after I first saw the place.  You can see why I found it so entrancing and why indeed it too is rather special

Emails this morning in the inbox at Bellaugello Gay Guest House:

1  From a friend forwarding an unsolicited email from LUI magazine suggesting I advertise with them.  Has anyone ever read the magazine, let alone booked a holiday from it?

2  From the Farmers Union offering Ford vehicles on 20% discount – no use.  What I want is an all singing all dancing Audi A6 Allroad on 60% discount.

3  From another friend attempting to send me a project to review.  All I got was error messages.

4  Two enquiries for April – dealt with,now waiting confirmations

and lastly…

5  From Apple.  “Your MobileMe account ends soon”  Well that is interesting as I did not know I had a ‘MobileMe’account, I thought it was a ‘.Mac’ account.  However the email goes on to say that I have no option but to move to an iCloud.

To move to said iCloud I have to purchase a snow leopard ($29.00), upgrade my newly acquired snow leopard, turn it into a lion (at a further cost of $29.90) and then in the summer said Lion becomes a Mountain Lion.  What a menagerie, whatever next, a cheetah!!!  I do not know if I want my information stored in a cloud, I like the thought of it being in some subterranean vault under some arid desert.

Furthermore my computer although only two years old is slowing down and filling up with data.  I hope it does not go the way of my old iPhone 3 which I just had to replace with an iPhone 4GSX  I back up my computer to external hard disk, I try and rid myself of lifes’ little luxuries by deleting unnecessary programmes and photos, but this wild creature will eat up my disk space and what really worries me is the reviews on the Apple forums advising people not to upgrade, reasons cited from slow processing speeds, malfunctions, to loss of all data, and will the data now stored hppily on my external discs still be readable?  Also if I have to first upgrade to leopards and snow leopards would it not be nice to play with them awhile?

Any of you readers out there yet taken the plunge? do let me know.

I may be gone forever from the blogosphere


A drive along a narrow road south of Bevagna passing well cultivated vineyards brings you in less than ten kilometers to Montefalco, the home of the Sagrantino di Montefalco, Umbria’s rich, deep, intense and utterly divine red wine.

How I adore Sagrantino, since moving to Umbria it has become one of my very favourite red wines, and where better to taste than its home town.

The streets of Montefalco are littered with Enotecas (wine shops) each offering a different selection of the locally grown DOC wines. Different cantinas make wines of differing styles, and this is born out too in the style of the various enotecas;

So on we trekked past wine whop after wine shop, the picturesque streets equally littered with a smattering of restaurants, but then we caught sight of Pardi’s store.

Pardi is a wonderful store selling their own traditional brand of linens and cotton mixes made in their mill at the delightful sounding town of Bastardo close by Montefalco.  I was on the hunt for linens to make table mats for our dining room here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, and fabric to cover a bedroom chair in one of the suites.  Luckily in their store opposite the church of S Francesco, they had just what I was looking for, a mint/sage green linen with embroidered bees.  An added bonus was that the utterly charming owner of the mill was in the store and she told me about how her late father and uncle first started the business in 1948 using traditional skills and designs that carry on to this day.

By now it was dusk and as we headed back through the main piazza just above the town hall we saw in the inky blackness the moon and venus.

All in all a great outing, easily done in a day from Bellaugello Gay B&B and having refreshed our research we can now offer wine tours and tastings, but to finish this post on choice items I just have to include this picture of the new Range Rover Evoque parked up in one of the Sagrantino wine trail towns, it too kinda took my fancy…

A quiet Sunday an excuse to leave Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse for a wee excursion in the Umbrian countryside. After the hot sun of yesterday today as I find myself in the beautiful town of Bevagna it is decidedly cool

We have feasted on prosciutto from nearby Norcia, pecorino from Umbria. Bruschetta with DOP olive oil from just down the road local Sagrantino from neighbouring Montefalco in the most delightful ambience – a tiny place I will most definately be recommending to you guys this year

And it is on the Sagrantino wine trail, What delights Umbria has to behold !



The main piazza and church in Bevagna Umbria italy
Time I think to check out the pasticceria!

Yesterday on a trip to the neighbouring region of Le Marche the car thermometer registered 22˚, today here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House in Umbria, Italy, the sun is shining, and it is real hot

I have finished the last batch of marmalade, cleaned the kitchen down and am heading outside to do some more tidying in the garden, me thinks with this summer weather all that is required is a pair of shorts

Up bright and early at Bellaugello Gay Guest House this sunny morning here in Umbria, I am sitting in my kitchen catching up on emails, answering enquiries and confirming bookings.  Yes, bookings all the way through to the autumn are arriving and  some weeks are already virtually fully booked, so if you are looking to come and stay here at Bellaugello and still wishing a choice of suite, get scribbling now!

However back to the theme of this post, I am as usual listening to the BBC news and hear that the US state of Maryland has passed legislation in the state Senate to allow gay marriage.  The bill sponsor, state Governor, Martin O’Malley is quoted as saying;  “This issue has taken a lot of energy, as well it should, and I’m very proud of the House of Delegates and also the Senate for resolving this issue on the side of human dignity, and I look forward to signing the bill,”

Maryland becomes the eighth  US state to allow gay marriage.  Whilst marriage may not be for me it is for some, and I wholeheartedly applaud this decision of social inclusion.