Yesterday the temperature rose again at Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse, and the guys profited with a dip in our salt treated infinity pool

Great view and another great Bellaugello back!  Not to rub too fine a point into it but for your northern europeans today the temperature in Umbria is forecast for 38˚ ……….

Last night the stars were amazing, inky black skies and thousands of bright stars, a complete stillness, a big world..

This morning is one of those beautiful misty Bellaugello mornings, the mist hangs low in the valley and slowly bits break away and disperse.  Here above the mist at Bellaugello Gay Guesthouse the sun is already shining, it is going to be another scorching day…

But enough of this I must get on and get back to breakfasts, last night I made a moist Banana cake, it has turned out real well and needs to be on that breakfast table on the terrace…..

An utterly beautiful day here again at Bellaugello Gay Guest House
It’s 18.30 The sun is still hot and I am busy watering the garden whilst blogging on my iPhone !

Whilst the lawns are really suffering the heat the fruit trees are heavy with ripening crop