High on the hillside and running up to the city walls above our nearest town Gubbio you will find an oasis of calm in Parco Rangiaschi and another chance for a blog post in real time from my iPhone app

Landscaped some forty years ago it is a place of quiet meditation and clever design

The pedimented ‘temple’ is in fact just a facade and has given me an idea for the space beyond the swimming pool at Bellaugello

20120925-151702.jpghere you see it with the campanile of the Palazzo Ducale in the background

The shady paths make me think that the park now frequented by middle aged couples must be well frequented at night for other reasons….
Gubbio may well be full of surprises!

20120925-153604.jpg oh and just look what’s round the corner,,








Yesterday here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House was another delightful sunny day, no excuse to do anything other than laze by the pool.

Today looks set to be the same, there is already warmth in the sun.  The sky is an uninterrupted azure blue, mist hangs low in the valley, clinging to the hillsides  which always reminds me of those wonderful sea view photos of infinity swimming pools in the Greek islands, the hilltop in front of the village of Carbonesca rising majestically through the mist like an island in a dreamy sea.

There is no other place I would rather be than here at Bellaugello….


Yesterday morning I was across the valley at friends’ farm picking grapes.  A few days later than last year, and fruit certainly smaller, but the harvest was in full swing.  Of course arriving after having served breakfast here at Bellaugello I was late and most of the morning picking was done, but there were still three lines to collect.

With the last cases of ripe grapes loaded onto the panniers straddling Papu, the beautiful placid Camargue horse  it was a gentle walk back up to the farm to the grape crush, and then a delicious lunch with a sampling of the grape juice.  Deep, intense and superbly sweet, 21˚ gravity it is going to be a good vintage.

Back home to Bellaugello to relax.  It is simply ages since I have had time to relax at the side of our infinity salt-treated pool, but yesterday I did.  The sun was interspersed with cloud.  Hot sun and amazing cloud formations with a magical rainbow sitting for ages in the light clouds over Bellaugello Gay Guest House.

This morning I woke to an amazing red sky.  I attempted to capture the sky a deep intense fiery crimson over the Apennines with my iPhone 4, but the photo does not do justice to the intensity of the sky, maybe I should have used an iPhone 5 lol.

As I type with the kitchen door open, again it is breakfast time, there is little noise, just the slightest breeze, not enough to rustle the leaves instead there is peace, time for relax and to let all cares float away….

Why not join us here at Bellaugello for a few days of relaxation and even make use of our Finnish wood fired Sauna?  I still have a few suites available from now until we close for the winter  on 5 November. for further details and bookings email me at: info@bellaugello.com

Of course we will be open for our Bellaugello New Year’s Eve Houseparty and then again in time for Easter in late March 2013

Do email for details

As is my habit, this morning in the kitchen preparing and serving breakfasts to the guys at Bellaugello Gay Guest House I am listening to the BBC daily news programme.

There is one report that has got me more than mildly annoyed.  It is the report about French magazine ‘Closer’ and those intrusive photographs of the Duchess of Cambridge reportedly topless, taken whilst she was holidaying with her husband the Duke in a private villa in the south of France.

Today the story gets worse as the Italian magazine ‘Chi’ is reported as being ready to publish the photos next week.

UK newspaper editors have flatly (and I believe truthfully) denied any intention to publish these intrusive photos of a young couple on holiday.  As the editor of the ‘Sun’ newspaper who published the photos of Prince Harry naked is reported by the BBC as stating  “although it had recently published pictures of Prince Harry naked, this was a different situation, because the duchess had every expectation of privacy as she was on a private holiday in a private chateau as opposed to inviting strangers to a hotel suite.”

I concur with this, I am horrified by the tasteless intrusion to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s private holiday, and by the same token would hate to think that any guy relaxing here at Bellaugello would ever be subject to the same putrid intrusion.

Unsurprisingly I read that both ‘Closer’ and ‘Chi’ are part of the publishing empire ‘Mondadori’ and just guess who of dubiously tasteless low morals is the ultimate owner of the empire…….

Ah yes! There are wonderful shops here in Umbria.  The city of Perugia is a mere 40 minute drive from Bellaugello Gay Guest House, and there in the delightful centro storico you will find a good selection of shops to suit most tastes and styles, including this former church now a shrine to shopping and where some recent guests at Bellaugello purchased one of those wonderful super sexy but in my mind potentially ever so slightly dangerous ahem! Stone Island colour change ice winter jackets.

Nevertheless I WANT one!