Sta sera siamo per “Cantare il Bel Maggio” se non ricordo male ci sono 100 versetti di cantare…  E sarà una notte lunga e ubriachi però vale la pena per una buona estate!

This evening we are off to a neighbouring farm to join in the “Cantare il Bel Maggio”   Singing in Beautiful May.  If I remember correctly there are some 100 verses each four lines and two lines of refrain or chorus…  It’s going to be a long boozy night, but worth it for a hot sunny summer!


For these of you assiduous followers of my blog this photograph should mean something:


G & M at Bellaugello Gay Guest House

and this was my solution!

G & M & A at Bellaugello luxury gay resort in Italy

For those of you who are new to my blog here is a clue from 2012:

Mika, and Gerold with Alec at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, Umbria, Italy


To get the answer you need to scroll back through the blogroll.  Anyway a huge thanks to G & M for their return visit, it was wonderful having you stay again at Bellaugello Gay Guest House even if I’m still the shorty!!

I am thrilled to be hosting a show of paintings this summer by the Dutch artist and Bellaugello guest Paul S. van Andel.

Paul, a regular guest at Bellaugello Gay Guest House has worked over the last year on a series of paintings inspired by the infinity pool at Bellaugello, and by the “Bellaugello Backs” series of photographs on this blog.  I love the way he has interpreted the look and feel of the pool, and the way he has so passionately expressed his subject and the guys in the paintings.

Come join us poolside for a glass of prosecco on 13th. May 2014 between 18:00 and 20:30 when we are hosting an opening viewing of Paul’s paintings around the infinity pool at Bellaugello Gay resort.  Not only will you be able to see the paintings in their own setting, but you will get a chance to meet with the artist and of course first opportunity to buy one for your own home. RSVP to the opening viewing using the form below, this is a ticket only event.    Do bring your swimming trunks, or not, as you prefer…

Here is Paul’s own description of his works, click on the painting to fully open the screen:


The following is a link to the splendid book of Paul’s Bellaugello paintings which is available to purchase:

The paintings will remain on show at Bellaugello throughout the summer of 2014, available to purchase.

And keep reading the blog for another artistic project I have planned to take place over the summer, you too could be part of the exciting new project.

2051 that explains why I got a message the other day warning me that my business mailbox was almost full….

2051 has no significance other than that is the number of spam and bot mails that I discovered today that my Blog system put into the spam box.

Why don’t they ever get the message I neither want a pair of Laboutins or a Russian Bride, let alone Viagra or a Northface jacket…. 2051 failed sales attempts…  Now had they been Lobbs or Russian Oligarch Husbands, or even a floor length Etro cashmere and sable coat I might just have opened the mail hehe! 😉