Bellaugello Gay Guest House offering maximum comfort, coziness, cosseting, and a beautiful home to relax in whilst enjoying the delights of an Italian holiday

The bedroom of the Giardino Suite at Bellaugello Luxury Gay Guest House, Umbria, Italy

The Azzurro Suite at Bellaugello Luxury gay resort in Umbria, Italy, europe

And… If you wish to cook some of the incredible fresh produce that is abundant in the local markets, our suites have their own kitchen corners… You too can cook Italian

Freshest vegetables served at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, Umbria, near Tuscany ItalyThe dining kitchen of the Giardino Suite at Bellaugello Luxury Gay hotel in Umbria, Italy,

Or leave it all to us…

Terrace dining at Bellaugello Gay bed and breakfast  near Florence and Rome in Italy

Whilst you relax at our infinity swimming pool…

Through the trees, the infinity swimming pool at Bellaugello luxury gay resort near Rome, Assisi and Florence in Italy,

The garden at Bellaugello Gay Guest House is in full bloom. The perfume of lavender drifts on the gentle breeze earned by the hot Umbrian sun
Plums are ripening the zucchini are flowering and heavy with plump courgettes but today it is the apricots that were plucked


Warm sweet slightly sharp they will make a great tart for our weekly BBQ which is tonight


This has been an extraordinary week here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, deep in the glorious tranquil Umbrian countryside
The forecast had not looked good, the iPhone showing cloudy symbols, but in the end the weather turned out to be very pleasant, which was just as well as it was a week in which I welcomed back four separate couples, all of whom were returning guests and I so wanted the weather to be great for them.
One of the delights of running a gay guest house is the opportunity to make friends and to especially welcome back guys who return once again to spend their holidays here.
And if course first time guests who enjoy themselves so much they have already booked to come back next year. So it was this last week, and this morning upon departure one couple made me the gift of this delightful delicate and fragrant rose

This rose with its delicate pink flowers will sit so well against a backdrop of lavender. We walked the garden this morning and decided on a spot to plant it. Huge thanks to S and U for the gift, as always a huge pleasure having you to stay

High summer. An Infinity Swimming Pool. Hot sunshine. What better than an artisan ice cream?
Here at Bellaugello Fay Guest House in Umbria we have in conjunction with the best gelateria in Gubbio made a selection of artisan ice creams for guests to enjoy poolside or just whenever they please


How better to enjoy the heat of the Italian sun?

And there are lots to enjoy including our exclusive lavender ice cream 🙂