Towards the end of the most beautiful day and the end of June as we sit downing cocktails in the beautiful city of Gubbio I feel the need to blog just in case the sixty one second minute wipes all possibility of my future jottings appearing worldwide!

The sun has shone brightly all day, breakfast taken leisurely on the terrace


and the guys relaxing poolside most of the day after the conviviality of a BBQ held at Bellaugello Gay Country House last evening. It was fabulous to have 60% return guests, one couple returned  bringing  friends for their first visit here, the Bellaugello network is sure growing.

Today we said “ciao” to two great guys who once again came to relax and spend time together a break from their very busy lives, and relaxing and chillin  is exactly what they did, as well as making new friends to add to those they met last visit, such nice guys a real pleasure to host. Now they are safely home I received an email from them, witness to last nights party..

Luckily they did not see the other empties which were up at the bins!

Now cocktails finished we are off for dinner at Claudia’s

Yesterday the telephone rang, strangely enough both Michael and myself picked it up simultaneously, but I left him to take the call which went something like this:

Caller – Good afternoon is your restaurant open to non-residents, can I come to dinner?

Michael – Well yes…. and before Michael had time to give further details or find out more the line broke.

Two hours later a guy rolls up here at Bellaugello Gay Country House, and enquires as to dinner and possible accommodation.  Being busy in the kitchen I asked Michael to show the guy around, we had one suite vacant last night so we would have been delighted to let it.  The tour proceeds in blazing sunshine, during which time the guy asks if guests ‘make out with each other’ and also if ‘you the owners make out with the guests’  Ok maybe reasonable questions but to me a bit on the edge of decency.  The said guy then asks if he can spend the afternoon poolside, stay for dinner and then decide whether or not he will take the vacant suite…. oh really!

Ho Hum!  Me thinks not.  Firstly I believe that guys staying here are entitled to exclusivity, they have paid a reasonable amount and for that deserve privacy, pampering and peace, so I make a policy of not allowing day visitors.  Secondly, it was all too apparent what this particular guy was after and that is not a service we provide here at Bellaugello, I am not a pimp (and yes, I have been asked on more than one occasion to be one)…  So not being able to go poolside the guy got into his car and presumably went back to his hotel in wherever it was, Assisi I believe, however before doing so, his parting shot to Michael was, that he “would like to have fun with a guy like him”

Early evening the phone rings again, as agreed Michael picks up;

C – Good evening, listen I was just wondering if you and Alec fancy a threesome with me…

M -(profoundly shocked and at the same time trying not to laugh) no, goodbye

Of course several of the guests had witnessed and heard some of the earlier conversation that took place during the tour, and quite naturally wanted to know the gory details.  Oh how we all chuckled at dinner last night which we enjoyed on the terrace, a soft balmy breeze wafting the fireflies in the heady lavender, still warm home-made crescia filled with local prosciutto, breast of chicken stuffed with pesto and mozzarella and scrumptious aubergines, breaded and deep fried garnished with the sweetest of tomatoes straight up from Sicily, mezzalune filled with spinach and peccorino, and a smooth dark chocolate mousse, my how well one eats in Italy.

It is always sad to receive a cancellation, especially when the guys cancelling have a valid reason.  Yesterday I received a cancellation for three nights in July in our fabulous Diva Suite

The living room of the Diva Suite at Bellaugello #BellaugelloDiva Suite at Bellaugello Gay Country House, Umbria Italy #Bellaugello

One of the couple who had booked has sadly lost his job and so they have reluctantly had to cancel their entire summer holiday plans.  As a “last minute” opportunity we are offering the three nights 21, 22, 23 July 2015 in the Diva Suite at Bellaugello Gay Country House at a promotional 15% discount.

To book this summer Diva Days break and receive the discount simply enter “homo” in the promotional code box in our booking online facility on the website and book the suite with the “Diva Days” rate.

be quick taking up this offer I suspect it will not be online for long…

Always a delight to receive an invitation to visit friends across the valley and have dinner with them, especially if cheekily I did invite myself and Michael!

Martin and Etain are known to some of my guests here at Bellaugello Gay Country House, they are the couple who have the most tranquil halcyon organic farm that for over thirty years has welcomed and inspired many from all over the world.  As well as nurturing their pastures organically and tending with much love their animals, they are both published authors.  Etain was recently in Rome having been asked to present and read from her latest volume of diaries, where she so elloquently recounts traditions and stories of her life in beautiful Valdichiascio.  This latest book “The Life of the White Mare” published in 2015

Etain Addey, la vita della giumenta bianca

includes a chapter on an event at Bellaugello Gay Guest House.  It is such an honour for me to read of an event hosted here that is so delightfully and thoughtfully recounted.  You can buy a copy of the book here: La Vita della Giumenta Bianca

Anyway back to last night.  Michael and I drove across the valley, it had been a wonderfully hot and balmy day, we had spent time with the dogs down at the river Chiascio, which after recent rains in the Apennines was still muddy, but that did not stop the dogs from swimming freely.  Arriving at the farm, Etain was just off to milk the sheep so Michael asked if he could follow they encountered the donkeys and Michael stopped to say hello as they nuzzled to Etain looking for food, then to the hen house where six orphan chickens were roosting on an empty wine butt, looking shyly at the intrusion into their tranquillity, and for the first time in his life Michael cuddled in with sheep and tasted the fresh milk, he was thrilled.

I headed with Martin over to the vinyard which he had just recently sprayed and is looking spectacular, the vines heavy with newly forming bunches of grapes, it is clearly going to be a great vendemmia.

Vines in the evening light in ValdichiascioSerried rows of vines in ValdichiascioPendulous grapes in the vineyard at Valdichiascio

We headed back to the farmhouse to be met by the soft aroma of pasta cooked with the last of the artichokes, and we dined in company under the uva fragole – the strawberry grapes, chatting and swapping stories as Jupiter and Venus rose in the western sky, a truly magical evening in a truly magical spot.


Recently I posted on Bellaugello’s Instagram account a photo taken whilst walking with the dogs through one of our fields where we had just cut the hay;

Bambi hiding by a hay bale #Bellaugello

The dogs did not see the bambi, it was left undisturbed to play another day and as we walked on through the field full of hay bales, I thought it a great place for hide and seek

That's the hay cut and baled for another year at Bellaugello A few days later when on our walk in another hay field, yes I like hay fields, I was suddenly startled, I just could not believe my eyes, there was again something nestling under a hay bale, could it be another bambi….  I had to get closer to inspect

a big bambi #Bellaugello  Ha! A truly great crop this year! E & P enjoying the rural country life at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, Italy

Thanks to E & P for their amazing sense of fun and photos

All this year storm clouds have brewed and brewed.  Clouds have been small, huge, gigantic, stubborn and angry, dark and light, many and few, high and low.  At times it felt as if the whole world was stormy, the outlook grey and thoroughly depressing, looking out of the window it certainly seem that way, and all the time I have been hoping, and wishing that the clouds would lift and today they seem to have, Bellaugello Gay Country House’s new website has finally gone online.   It may be late, very late, but then it IS Italy so delays are what is specialised in, but ‘domani’ has finally arrived.  I hope you like it!

Storm clouds over the snow covered infinity pool at Bellaugello Gay Country House in Umbria, Italy,#BellaugelloBellaugello rising from the mistRed sunset and clouds over Bellaugello Gay Guest House, Umbria, ItalySunrise over Bellaugello Gay Guest HouseStorm clouds over the Basilica of AssisiStormy weather











And with our new BOOK ONLINE feature booking at Bellaugello is so much easier, your dream holiday is just a couple of clicks away!