Still the sun shines here in Umbria and still you have the chance to come and enjoy the peace and tranquillity that is Bellaugello at a special price. I have some suites available for the second half of the month of September.  If you book online and enter the promotional code ‘homo’ when prompted you will automatically receive 15% discount on our published accommodation rates so get clicking!  Valid only for new online bookings through our website ‘book now’  usual terms and conditions apply.

Mist in the valley seen from #BellaugelloFor the past three weeks technical gremlins abound and I have been unable to blog or receive or send emails.  Firstly the internet connection was faulty, after two weeks the providers finally admitted that their transmitter had fallen off the pole, hence no intenet connection for all the valley.  now it is seemingly repaired and we are on to resolve the problems with the emails and website connection.

So I believe I am managing to post a picture taken this morning of the mist in the Chiascio valley below Bellaugello, the sun still shines, guys are relaxing poolside under the hot Umbrian sun and much is great at Bellaugello!

An email received on 6th August from Francesca Bedini of S.T.A – I.A.T Gubbio ie the local tourist office informs all operators in the comune of Gubbio that the comune has decided with effect of 1st. September 2015 to levy a daily tax on visitors.

For us at Bellaugello this means we will have to collect on behalf of the comune the sum of one euro sixty cents (€1.60) per person per night.

Guys I am real sorry about this, it is not a tax of which I approve indeed I wholeheartedly disapprove of it.  For me it means only more paperwork as an unpaid tax collector.  I know that for many many months some of you have booked for September when the tax was not even on the agenda, and alas I have no option but to add it to your bill or for you to sign a document refusing to pay, and I have already printed some copies of that document!

The late notification is true to form of the splendidly inefficient comune who sent an email on 5th July 2015 with the Gubbio summer programme which runs from 01 July to 16 August 2015, heaps of time for me to do advance publicity and fill Bellaugello….  One possible glimmer of hope was a new comittee set up with trade and comune representation, to analyse and move forwardthe promotion of tourism in the town. Alas, even that is destined to be a white elephant.  The list of comittee members was publised, all old hands in the Gubbio tourist sector, no fresh blood, and lots of heavyweights who have monopolised the sector for their own personal benefits. Indeed in the list I read that they brought out of retirement a guy who for long represented the comune in holiday shows abroad but who does not speak any foreign languages, and he is to chair a sub comittee…. what hope have we?

The comune are bragging about a projected new revenue source for the last four months of 2015 from the tourist tax to be in the region of €80,000.00  This to me sounds like an awful lot of long lunches and office refurbs for the lucky staff who work in the sector, it will certainly not mean any improvement in services for visitors…  HUH 🙁