I have a great team lined up for this season.  I am shortly to be joined by Bruno who is flying over from Argentina and will be at Bellaugello until late July.  This is not his first trip to Europe, but the first time here in Umbria.  Experienced in the hospitality industry, as well as serving at breakfasts and dinners he will be helping round the pool and Bruno is a qualified masseur and yoga instructor so helping you guys relax and make the most of your holiday.

I would also like to introduce Mateusz who is coming from Poland to join us for the month of July at Bellaugello.  Let him introduce himself in his own words:

“Hi 🙂 ok, as I assumed, it’s so hard to write few sentences about myself… you gave me a hard task! 🙂

Live fast and die young – that is not how could I describe myself. I cherish my friends as well as my family. I’ve been living alone for three years – that’s why I appreciate every moment spent with them.
I’m very orderly person – everything needs to be on its proper place. I’m helpful and easy going guy – although in future I’m going to become a bailiff ;). When I’m off my duties I enjoy nature, books, biking, swimming and have every kind of fun with interesting people.
I’m looking forward to join Alec’s team in July and probably spend the best vacation I’ve ever had. See you there!”

Mateusz who is joining our team in July

Mateusz who is joining our team in July

There are more but for details of those you will have to wait a bit longer, or just book and meet them in person!