At six pm yesterday the chance of dinner last night on the terrace at Bellaugello Gay Guest House was not looking good.  We had enjoyed a full day of hot sunshine, but thunderclouds were circling and there was the odd clap of thunder behind us in the Apeninnes, a light breeze could not make up its mind which direction it was coming from, so with a little bit of apprehension we laid the table on the terrace.

Our faith paid off and we enjoyed a great dinner, Isabella excelling herself with a fonduta and home-made tagliatelle served with a truffle sauce over which at table I grated fragrant fresh truffles found here in the valley by my neighbour’s grandson, utterly delicious and epicurean delight.

A Bose sound system was brought out from on of the suites and everyone got to choose their favourite tune, again and again and again… at some stage even the stock of eurovision classics ran dry 😉 the evening punctuated by several shooting stars tumbling to the south of us and lubricated by liberal doses of fine Italian wines went on to the “wee sma’ oors”, it was almost dawn when I finally crawled upstairs to bed, nonetheless a thouroughly enjoyable evening…

Checking our webstats for Bellaugello Gay Guest House I notice that we are receiving many clicks on our online booking sytem, but bearing in mind we still have some available suites for August and September many clicks are not translating to bookings.  This leads me to think that either we do not have the availability or else the system is not showing accommodation for your chosen dates.


If you have tried to book online and the system has shown no availability do drop me an email at: giving me your dates and preferred suite and I will personally check for you.

Hope to see you soon

A marvellous morning, I am up early to head off to the second set of lessons and complete the refresher course for HCCP in Perugia.  As I ready myself, feed and walk Bobby and Jenny and check all is well for the service of breakfasts the sun is already shining, soft mellow golden hues, it is yet another gorgeous day here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House.

Early morning @bellaugello gay guest house, Umbria, Italy

shadows at noon #Bellaugello gay guest house, umbria, italy

I hate to leave such beauty, but I must away for six hours in the classroom.  Traffic is not bad, the roadworks around Perugia tamed, they have moved onto the second set of tunnels.  When sitting in a queue on the raccordo for all of five minute I often remind myself just how lucky I am.  My previous life in Scotland and the city meant all too frequently sitting for nearly one hour in slow crawling morning traffic, now after a mere five minutes I am already impatient to get on and have my first coffee and cornetto.  My back still hurts, I am wearing the lumbar support, it gives some relief, but not enough and I know that it will be tough in the classroom, but luckily there are a few breaks…

Pausa caffe, coldiretti, perugia umbria #bellaugello

14:30 freedom, I passed and am now on my way home to Bellaugello.  Poolside the guys have been enjoying the peace and quiet that we find here, they are relaxing soaking up the sun and chatting, clouds flit by and the silence is broken by the odd splash as somebody dives into our infinity pool.


A bbq is planned and the table set, Daniela has done us proud in the kitchen, and I sweat as I cook over the wood fired bbq, it is a warm convivial evening.


As ever a great group of guests from many countries, some returning some new, a perfect balance, and the conversation flows until well after midnight.


On Tuesday I woke early, a course to attend in Perugia starting at 08:30 so to avoid the traffic meant leaving home at 07:00.  Bobby my English Setter is getting stronger, but still wobbly so I had to be up especially early to ensure he managed to get a short walk before being put back to bed in the porch where the guys were going to feed him later.

Six hours of lectures on hygiene, I’m doing a refresher course, necessary, repetitive, and also hard going.  The meeting room was windowless and stuffy, the lecturer droned on monosyllabically making it extremely hard not to fall asleep, I am not sure if I snored, but some of my fellow students certainly did.  Tomorrow session two and I should really not be blogging at 01:30 in the morning but I have just finished my tasks for the evening and am sitting outside on my terrace in complete stillness, the distant sound of the river Chiascio some two hundred metres down in the valley below the only noise breaking the silence and stillness and peace. A sound conducive to writing.

Today has been tough, a large pain in my side, (ok it has been getting worse for weeks, and is now unbearable) making sitting or walking and driving very difficult, stabbing, sharp, uncomfortable, and reluctantly making me seek medical attention.  I thought it sciatica but, no it is back strain.  One session of manipulation, by a great guy in our local town of Gubbio, working on vertebrae 2,3,4,5… stretching, twisting, stabbing pain, a bit better, more manipulation, arnica and ibuprofen and a very expensive back support and I was in the kitchen just in the nick of time to help with dinners which we served in the balmy evening on the terrace under an inky black starlit sky.

I have been told not to lift anything, to take time off and take care of myself, etc… my retort; that can happen in November, but my guests come first and work I will.

Some of my recent guests here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House have been busy with their cameras, and I sign off this post with a wonderful shot from a guest from Zurich.  Every morning and afternoon the swallows fly low over our infinity pool, looking for water to drink, the fly round several times then get bolder and fly low over the pool scooping up droplets in their beaks, a wonderful sight to behold, one that fills me and my guests with joy, and admittedly if my guests are actually in the water, a bit of amazement nay alarm.   This is not a pool shot, not even Bellaugello, not a swallow but a really fabulous motion shot taken by ‘H’ which sort of sums up my current mood


You want to know the secret of how to make divine macaroons?  I think one only needs to eat macaroons from Kurkonditorei Oberlaa in Vienna to know they have the recipe exactly right.  Yesterday a new guest brought me a box as a gift and they are utterly delicious, fragrant, flavoursome, soft, delicate slightly chewy and divine colours including gold..  Thank you so very much ‘F’

macaroons #eatbellaugello Oberlaa Wien

I feel utterly spoilt 🙂


We have been having a roaring time here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House.  The sun has been shining generously and I have been rushed off my feet, so little time to sit at the computer and write.

Earlier this month we were delighted to have a wonderful newly married couple come and stay for part of their european honeymoon.  A bottle of pink bubbles, red roses and chocolates awaited the guys on arrival in the Diva Suite.  Following a private candlelit dinner served on a terrace deep in the garden the husbands returned to their suite to a trail of red rose petals carefully placed by Mauro.

Gay honeymoon @Bellaugello gay guest house, the Diva Suite

We had such fun hosting the newlyweds, who enjoyed relaxing massages and who both took to the skies in a microlite with Aimaro of Polaris motors, flying over Bellaugello and the countryside around our local town of Gubbio, as did one of our intrepid British guests.

another day another flight, #flybellaugello

Do check our Bellaugello YouTube channel for videos of some of the flights including a guest landing with the engine switched off, a really awesome experience.

and of course the guys have been enjoying our infinity pool.  The water temperature finally reached the magical 30˚c as the sun bronzed and started to bronze beautiful bodies.

smiles in the infinity pool at Bellaugello gay resort in Umbria, Italy@Bellaugello, smiles in the poolBellaugello Gay Guest House, Umbria Italy, #gayitalyback in the infinity pool at Bellaugello gay guest housequiet contemplation in the infinity pool @bellaugello gay country house, Rome, Italy

The Bellaugello team even managed to find time a group pool photo…

#Bellaugello team in the pool

and to head into our local town of Gubbio for a well deserved cocktail or two

cocktail time @martintempo #gayguys

Back on the farm we have been harvesting, and a huge crop of juicy apricots are now made into marmalade which we are serving at breakfast.  Fine sweet succulent green beans  or fagolini were delivered by one of my dearest neighbours and friends and served that evening at dinner.

produce from the valley #eatbellaugello

and on the subject of food we hosted a birthday celebration, an excuse to go mad with the balloons and for Isabella to make another one of her delicious semi-freddo cakes

birthday celebrations @bellaugellogayguesthouse

A not so good experience happened a couple of weeks ago when Bobby my dear English Setter had a stroke.  One morning he simply could not walk and a visit to the vet confirmed my worst fears.  Why is it that he is such a gentle soft and devoted dog, so brave and with such a strong will to live and so much love that he gives me and he is beset by problem after problem, it is just not fair.  Luckily the care of the Carmella, Melania and the team and after a two night overnight stay he returned home with a bunch of medicines and very wobbly legs headed to his basket.  Slowly he is making progress, he has good days and bad days, so very much wants to come downstairs to where the action is, but steps are still a problem for him, and in his enthusiasm he tumbles, in the past few days twisting his front leg which is clearly painful, but yet he determinedly continues to make progress and thankfully is eating well.  Jenny ever greedy is constantly knocking into him, putting him off his balance, I wonder if she will ever learn manners!

Oh! I nearly forgot.. one week late in June with the house full of returning guests my arm was severely twisted and I was persuaded to cook a supper for the last night of two Dutch couples, and of course to include all our other guests.  So after returning from yet another microlite flight we sat down to home made pasta filled with radicchio and spek liberally doused in a fresh tomato sauce that I had made and left gently simmering on the stove all afternoon.  It was a hugely enjoyable evening, and so lovely to be in the company of returning guests from the UK and the Netherlands, as well as two new faces.

informal supper at bellaugello gay hotel in umbria italy

And we have been barbecuing, this year Daniela who as well as keeping as ever the suites here at Bellaugello spotless has been helping in the kitchen on barbecue evenings captured here in a set of photos showing her immense skills in making crescia our local bread which we serve hot from the panaro.

Making crescia #eatbellaugello in the kitchen #eatbellaugello dough ready for #tortaaltesto #eatbellaugello #eatbellaugello cooking torta al testo

as the guys will confirm it is utterly delicious, Dani you are a star!  At the bbq were two guys who had travelled up from Puglia, and had visited (with a little bit of help from me) the fabulous cantina of Schola Sarmenti deep in the south at Nardò.  They had been given a comprehensive tour of the vineyard and cellars and as a thank you brought me a tin of exquisite Peter Bier chocolates, the last of which I scoffed tonight, a guest arriving today brought me a box of handmade macaroons from Vienna, , last month a tin of delicious chewy Dutch stroopwafels which I melt over my morning coffee, so lucky am I, even if they are hopeless for my (non-existent) diet haha!  Thanks guys for your generosity it is really appreciated.

Anyway drifting back to the infinity pool, sun still shining and guys relaxing…

Infinity pool @bellaugello gay guest houserelax, enjoy, the Bellaugello Gay Guest House life here in Umbria, Italy

Meanwhile for some reason I seem to be carrying flowers…

caught carrying the flower arrangements for dinner al fresco at Bellaugello Gay Guest House, Europe

it must be another evening for dinner, this time an aperitivo of delicious fresh buffalo burrata from Puglia, rich creamy and indulgently good.  Just another typical Bellaugello day.