Wow! what a busy year this has been.  So much has happened, some good, much bad, but here at Bellaugello we have had a marvellous year.  As ever it has been a real joy to welcome guys from all over the world.  Many returned once again to spend their holidays relaxing poolside, many new guests, and lots and lots of new friends made.  The Bellaugello Gay Guest House network expands, for me a real joy!


2016 was a busy year, the sun shone, we survived unscathed the earthquake tremors, turbulent changes of government and acts of terrorism.  Here in Umbria I often remark to friends just how lucky I am to be a ‘peasant farmer up an Umbrian hillside’, and how lucky I am to be able to share it with so many fantastic, beautiful interesting guys from all over the world.  The olive harvest was huge, and the oil scrumptious.  My international team as ever worked hard to make guests’ stay enjoyable, and to all of them my huge thanks it was a delight to work with you!

festive-greetings-2017-bellaugello seasons-greetings-bellaugello-gay-guest-house-umbria-italy seasons-greetings-bellaugello

Today in-between cooking and working I managed a walk with the dogs, the Umbrian countryside and total peace so very rejuvenating, there was utter silence, fitting for 31st December.


I am so looking forward to 2017 and welcoming back returning guests, new guests some of whom have already booked.  We re-open on 8th April and as ever plan a houseparty for the Easter weekend.  A date for your diaries must be 15 May  when our local town of Gubbio celebrates the ‘Festa dei Ceri’ the race of the candles a spectacular culmination of a year’s planning.  The town fills with men in white pants, it is spectacular.

Festa dei Ceri Gubbio

I have already received a booking for a wedding here, so fabulous to be hosting a gay wedding in Italy, and yes, foreigners can be ‘civilly registered’ here.  We are planning a few changes, which will be revealed in the next months, it is all so very exciting.  Generally I do not make new year’s resolutions, but this year, my much needed diet starts on Monday and I promise to blog more frequently, I feel energised….

Come join in the fun, escape and discover a true magical peaceful re-energising place. Why not follow us on Facebook “Bellaugello Gay Guest House” is our page and also on Instagram, I have a fabulous 2017 season planned and also post there.

Now back to work.  Hugs and kisses to you all.  Alec

Autumn = Leaves and lots of them.  At this time of year I spend my days blowing, raking and moving huge piles of leaves.  The joy of an established garden is sometimes minimised when my days are spend doing chores.  Yes, the weather is superb, the sun hot and the leaves crisp, but there are just so many of them and they get into every nook and orifice.  Yesterday Bobby decided to come and help and kept burrowing in the piles of swept leaves, at one stage almost completely disappearing below the mountain.


I blow and rake them into piles which I then trundle down to the compost heap.  I also spend hours with the net fishing them out of the infinity pool, no, it is not covered, I hate pool covers they are so ugly and in the spring always give one such a nasty surprise when they are rolled back, so the pool stays crystalline and the leaves blow there, swirling round in illogical flight and bam! land in the pool.

I need to be at home today, it was all supposed to happen yesterday in the midst of leaves but it did not happen.  I am expecting a package, documents from the UK for my Italian citizenship application that are being couriered over.  It seems even the British Government departments send parcels by swirling illogical routes…


Now the question in my mind is which route will the delivery driver take from Perugia to Bellaugello.  Will they follow the British example and drive south, then north then wait…  apparently you had dreadful weather in the UKthat held up all flights! It is a 45 minute drive about 45km, there are now two direct roads, the panoramic one over the hill from Bosco and the new dual carriageway via Valfabbrica.  Reading the tracking I guess he will ignore those and take the one via Arezzo, Citta di Castello and then go ‘on hold’…

He had better get here soon as tonight in our local town of Gubbio the ‘World’s Largest Christmas Tree’ is to be lit and I want to be in town to witness the spectacle.


I’m meeting friends and we have planned a night out under the fireworks.

Why do the media say that the ‘NO’ win is a victory for the ‘Populism Movement’? I don’t see that, it is NOT and it is dangerous to label it as so. There is acknowledged need for change but the deal offered by Renzi for many was not the right one…  #whatistheendgame

There will be more to follow, but right now I am still shouting at the radio Grrrrr…..