Warnings on the meteo throughout Italy of soaring temperatures include 40˚C in Perugia yesterday, phew it must have been stifling in those pride outfits.  Here at Bellaugello we are fortunate for although it is indeed hot, there is a cooling refreshing breeze.  The storm predicted for this morning did not appear, and early clouds have drifted off leaving blue skies, so guests are  poolside.

A Dutch week is coming to an end, and our guests are now predominately British, many escaping the horrors of Brexit.  Last night at dinner on the terrace it was fascinating to listen to the questions from both the British and Europeans regarding Brexit.  I admit my British guests are all saddened by Brexit, as are my European guests, and last night I thought how much better it would have been if the decision to or not to brexit had been made here at Bellaugello.

Isabella triumphed, sublime pasta of farro with a sauce of zucchini from the garden and almonds was followed by mouthwateringly tender saltimbocca alla romana, the night was balmy and the chat fluid.

I spent Friday in Milano.  This was a huge step for me the first time I have ever left the house when there are guests and been so far away.  Up at three am to drive to Terontola station to catch the Frecciarossa to Milano to be in time to grab a coffee before heading to Google Milano HQ for a meeting hosted by them for the LGBT businesses in Italy.

The seminar was informative, some aspects positive others negative, but overall a worthwhile if long day.  Made somewhat longer no doubt by tiredeness when I alighted the train one stop early and then had to wait for the next train to continue my journey southwards.  Feeling hungry, almost home I stopped at our local restaurant “Il Panaro” much loved by many of my guests here and was greeted by two of them at the new table outside, they were just polishing off a complimentary glass of limoncello.  We chatted at length and then I walked into the restaurant to be greeted by Elio the proprietor full of smiles and enquiring why I looked so happy, and I ordered supper, crescia filled with bracciole, spinach and oozing with melted cheese, utterly delicious.  It felt so good to be home in the cozy friendly corner of Umbria that has become my home over the past eleven years.  Back at Bellaugello the guys were chatting over gin tonics and glasses of Nerio, it seemed crazy not to join them, and we chatted until the ‘wee sma’ oors’.

Spending time on a high speed train gave me time to catch up on things I usually miss, one of which being reports in two local newspapers of new flights into our local airport of Perugia S Francesco d’Assisi.  From mid July the Maltese airline FlyVolare is scheduling regular flights to Perugia from Amsterdam, with the possibility of winter flights from Copenhagen.  There are 14 new destinations so weekending at Bellaugello just gets easier. Having met the airport director some weeks ago I have a direct contact and I will update you all when I learn more.  You can read the article by clicking this link – (in Italian but easily understood): New flights to Perugia 2017 – Umbria Today

Before signing off and head poolwards passing by our new four poster bed in the garden.

Canopy Bed in a wonderful gay guest house with pool

I remind you that whilst we are busy we still have availability here at Bellaugello in July and August, check the website, or easily check prices and make a reservation by clicking  HERE  via our online booking service.

Hot sunny June days at the moment seem endless and effortless.  During the days the guys have been enjoying lazing by the pool, and in the evenings we have held some delightful dinners on the terrace, the now fragrant lavender ablaze with fireflies flitting too and fro, it is a magical time here in Umbria.

Infinity Pool in Umbria

Table with glasses and a bottle of italian wine

Of course we are busy watering the garden, I have this aim to keep lawns green.  Whilst the lawns might not be of Wimbledon tennis standard, we do our best to keep them from burning, which in 32˚c heat and no rain to speak of for many months is an ever increasing challenge.  The garden is bountiful, ablaze with colours and fragrances, this year it seems to have matured. Whilst apricots are beginning to turn golden hues, on the lower terrace our vegetable garden has also begun to yield delicious produce.  We have already begun to harvest salad leaves, zucchini and cucumbers which find their way into the kitchen to be magically transformed by Isabella into delicious dishes, last night we dined on chilled gazpacho and the slow roast loin of pork was accompanied by stuffed zucchini.

It was an occasion for a celebration, one of our guests celebrating his birthday, and a specially commissioned chocolate cake was made, and delicately decorated with petals from David Austin roses hand picked from our cook’s own garden.

Rose taste cake

Earlier in the week a couple of guys on a long holiday in Europe celebrated an anniversary with a private candlelit dinner on a terrace deep in the garden.  An antipasto sharing plate, to start, hand cut gnocchi with truffles sourced here in the valley and at their request a roast of local lamb, washed down with a great Sagrantino di Montefalco from the cantina of Adanti.  They told me the evening was the highlight of their European trip.  It is so rewarding for the team to hear that we are doing the right thing.

This week we have laughed to “Hyancith Bucket” and ” ‘Allo ‘Allo” stories, and I have had a lesson in digitizing maps.  It seems that my hand drawn map of walks through the valley (a copy of which I am told resides in the MoMo) risks being superseded by a digital version downloadable to a smartphone.  Whilst I like the convenience of a digital map – I have suggested long ago to our local tourist office in Gubbio that they cease production of their paper town plans and invest in a digital version that we operators can send out together with booking confirmations, (still no response) I find myself flattered when guys still ask for my hand-drawn copy, but I do ask myself for how much longer will I be photocopying?

We have received our new range of bathroom products specially made for Bellaugello by Domenico and Luciano.  They source Argan oil in Morocco which is hand extracted and then here in Umbria transformed into soaps, shampoo and shower gels which we have in the suites.  I am so delighted to be finally offering a good high quality organic product made here in Umbria.

Trendy black soap, Simplement, Savon

Bellaugello set of argan soaps

With the pool water at 30˚c it is just too tempting to rise off the sunbed and splash in the pool and cool off.  This week we have a large number of returning guests in the house.  They met here on various holidays and have become friends and last year booked to return this week to spend time together on holiday.  It is so very rewarding to welcome back so many ‘regulars’ and to catch up with their news, and give them a place to refresh and relax and have fun, to forget the daily grind.

Two guys in the pool at Bellaugello

I have to round this post off by mentioning two guys who flew in all the way from Chicago specifically to spend a few nights at Bellaugello.  They have been here before but just felt the urge to return, thanks guys, it was great to see you again.

Two guys drinking italian wine

It has been a while since I last posted on my blog.  Discovering that the guys who created the Bellaugello website not only have made a bad translation into Dutch but they had made significant errors, were evidently incompetent, or just plain told lies.  Worse of all they had written all the text out of the template meaning that updates could not be made and those that were made had to be removed and then replaced in the correct format.  This work has kept my new webmaster really busy and meant a significant amount of work for him and considerable inconvenience not to mention frustration for me.  Now finally we are getting somewhere and I am able to post again. hurrah!

We have been playing with elements of the website.  We changed the “Book Now” button to “Contact Us” and put a new booking button on the homepage header.  Do let me know what you think and if these tweaks have helped you navigate our website.  The “Find Us” page is now accessed only from the page footer, is that inconvenient? Thoughts please…

The Bellaugello season 2017 is now in full flow, I have a house full of guys, many returning, some new faces, and from many many different countries, but all equally welcome and enjoying the peace and tranquillity under the hot Umbrian sun. Our glorious infinity pool is at 29˚c and swimming or lazing along the infinity edge is beautifully refreshing.

Alec and its infinity pool at Bellaugello, gay guest house

My team of Daniela, who valiantly and cheerily cleans the suites for you all, and Mauro my assistant and masseur, Francesco who serves breakfasts and of course not forgetting Isabella who cooks amazing dinners are all working hard to ensure every stay at Bellaugello is a great one, and they also keep me in check!  It is really great to have such a strong and cheery team on board.

Coming from across the Atlantic or from Germany? Great news from Lufthansa!  There are now daily flights from Munich to our local airport of Ancona Falconara, here is a link to the airport which is only just over one hour’s drive from Bellaugello. Ancona airport website

and of course we have been serving dinners on the terrace,

Dinner open-air with friends at Bellaugello, gay guest house

the warm evenings punctuated by the entrancing dance of fireflys, even prompting one guest, a royal consigliere at that to visit them at close quarters down at our vegetable garden which has begun to grow madly and proudly…

Alec and its organic vegetables at Bellaugello, gay guest house

In between busy times I have time to relax, laugh, try to find hashtags for Instagram and enjoy my life here as a peasant farmer half way up an Umbrian hillside…

Next week we welcome back once again the “Sexy Italian Guys” group, none of whom incidentally are Italian, just italianophiles who arrange to meet here at Bellaugello in late June.  We also have a charming couple returning later this month and this time they are coming with friends so have made a whole house booking, something that is becoming increasingly popular here, the house and grounds are ideally suited to a break-away with friends or a group.  It looks like I am going to be busy, no time for mischief, well maybe just a bit!


As the weather here at Bellaugello Gay Guest House hots up so does our infinity pool and so do the guys in it! Today’s photo taken with a Samsung phone (amazing clarity) is thanks to S.D. a recent guest here, who like many has vowed to return.

We are getting really busy, many new faces and many returning guests including later next month the “Sexy Italian Guys” group – you know who you are, and yes, party time is on! We also are welcoming back a great couple of guys who have been many times before and this year have booked the entire house as they are bringing friends over. For them we have an itinerary which includes a guided tour through a vineyard, dinners at Bellaugello and visits to Urbino and Assisi, and yes, they will still have time to relax poolside. For you that have not been before, Bellaugello is the place to relax and unwind, re-charge your soul and mind, and above all just breathe… Come join us, check out “Book Now” button on the website for last minute availability.