One of the first things I do when I rule the world will be abolishing cell-phone weather apps.  We are all, (yes I include myself) obsessed with cell phone weather.  We check our phones constantly, and I know that guys who have booked a stay with us, or are thinking of booking their holiday here @Bellaugello Gay Guest House download and check the weather apps constantly.  The problem is that invariably the information on the Apps is incorrect.   Checking the Apps in late August showed a depressing list of clouds and storms throughout the first part of September.  It simply is not true.  Quite Simply September @Bellaugello Gay Guest House weather has been, and is, marvellous and sunny.

I admit we do need rain.  My garden and guests require water. Part of my world ruling programme will be to have it rain softly and gently most nights from 2am to 6am.  Thus the plants are happy and wake refreshed and we can enjoy lazy sunny days poolside, and I can move my office outdoors onto the terrace.

The terrace is where guests congregate for daily breakfast and our dinner evenings.  We sit together at one table, a table of local wood constructed in our local town of Gubbio by Mario and Fabio.  How many stories this table will be able to tell, of the great guys who sat at it and enjoyed so many good times.  Of the guys who shared, tales, happinesses and woes, and all life experiences.

September has not simply been a month of abundant sunshine, but also my garden and grounds filled with fruit.  Walking the dog I find myself picking up a basket and collecting blackberries from the hedgerows.  This year they are luscious and delicate, and went well in my newly invented ricotta and lemon pudding.   Venturing less far I picked what I thought were wild black plums but, joy of joy turned out to be damsons.   A huge basket-full hardly dented the load of the boughs hanging low by the weight of the fruit.

Washed, picked over and simply cooked with some sugar, I yesterday, finished off making twenty one kilos of this deep ruby intense jam.  At Breakfast today it was on the table.  Nothing beats fresh made jam of marmalade, it so compliments our popular homemade sourdough and soda breads.

Next forage is back to the damson tree for fruit to make damson gin.  I already have damson and plum liqueur basking in the sun, maturing in jars on the terrace niches.

It’s ironic but everyone is asking for the recipe for my fig marmalade, which sadly, I only managed to make a few jars of as the fruit was damaged by the one rain storm that we had.  These jars are now precious and will only come out upon special request.

Meanwhile back in holiday mode, whilst the kitchen is busy our infinity pool has been much used.  Guys sunning themselves, lazing, and splashing about.  Every day I am still blown away by the never-ending huge views over the pool, so beautiful.

Ha! dear reader, I guess you were expecting a peachy butt pic, but, no! not this time!

We have barbecued, meat from Gianluca my butcher, and salads from the vegetable garden.  We grilled and salted watermelon (strange, but hey! I am open to new experiences) and sat late until the contents of every possible liqueur bottle has mysteriously evaporated.  We played many games of ‘Uno’.  It is delightful how such a card game is so easily translated to any culture and language.  We laughed, and selfied, and Instagrammed, said ‘hello’ to new guests, and ‘ciao’ to others, so sad to leave…but delightfully promising to return.

And we delight @Bellaugello Gay Guest House in the news that Transavia is opening a new route for 2020.  Twice weekly direct flights from Rotterdam to our local airport of Perugia are bookable from 17th September 2019, that is next Tuesday, so get booking your Umbrian Gay Holiday 2020.

Voor 2020 vliegt “Transavia” twee keer per week rechtstreeks tussen Rotterdam en onze lokale luchthaven van Perugia.

Boek nu op de Transavia-website

Increasingly I learn that guys just want to relax.  You have stressful, time consuming jobs and the chance to unwind and recharge is hugely important,.  To laze and empty your mind, to plan the next stage of your lives, to catch up on some long wanted reading…   that is what we offer at Bellaugello.

To enjoy the purity and honesty of life, get back in touch with nature and one’s soul, relish in the oft overlooked details that are so very important to life, and simply, breathe.  Simply September @Bellaugello Gay Guest House.