Be Yourself

I only ask of my guests for one thing: to be themselves. When, some years ago, I first opened Bellaugello, it was the realisation of a dream I had. A unique holiday concept for gay guys. A place where there are no disapproving glances, no need to conceal that instinctive gesture, that oft wanted caress. A place to smile and be happy where likeminded people can forget about pointing fingers and disapproving whispers. A place where all feel at ease and become part of a family that is steadily growing.

I love the scent of the fresh Umbrian air, the healthy breakfasts made with love, the endless summer mornings at the swimming pool, the unexpected small roads that hide an alternative to the beaten path, the golden sunsets from the top of a hill. I want you to come here, stop for a bit, relax and listen to what the silence has to say. I want you to be eager to return the moment we say goodbye. I want you to return, of course, walk through the gate and pick up the conversation right where we left it.

Bellaugello shares its way of life with more and more people looking for a vision, the same vision: to be ourselves.

Marrying your man in 2020?  Bellaugello is idyllically romantic and licensed for civil unions